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  • 1 day ago
  • Entertainment
  • Inactive Devices
  • 5

Netflix is misleading customers, we are a family of 3, even if 2 devices are turned on (mind you I said turned on and NOT watching), the 3rd device won't play. So in the basement I have a TV and my son was watching and then stopped. In the bedroom my spouse was watching and then stopped. We all come to the living room and it won't let us watch saying that there are 2 active devices. Netflix is... Read more

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Can you like put teen wolf back on Netflix and season 3 of once upon a time like that's what I want to watch and I can't like really just put them back on there Add comment

  • 1 day ago
  • Entertainment
  • House Of Anubis
  • 5

I watch house of anubis and i really liked, after getting through the first season of it on netflix i realised that it only had 1 season.This also happened on h20 and h20 just add water i strongly think that you should add all the seasons and episodes.This should happen before the end of the month or i will pledge another complaint...thankyou.I really enjoy netflix dont get me wrong but i really... Read more

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  • Aug 14
  • Entertainment
  • Netflix Streaming
  • 1
  • 11

Canadian Netflix is almost 1/4 the size of titles of the US Netflix but we are paying the same amount. This should not be okay. I don't understand why Netflix is region locked and this should be remedied immediately. I don't think that Netflix fully understands how this reflects their attitudes towards Canada and the American's great white neighbour to the north. Why should we not have the same... Read more

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  • Aug 12
  • Entertainment
  • Woonsocket, Rhode Island
  • Video Game High School
  • 4

I really liked the seasons but I really want to see the 3 .. I love this show ... Please add season 3 of video game high school to netflex I would really appreciate it .. Thank you Please add to netflex I would really enjoy That I really love that show It's too funny Please add to netflex Please add to netflex I really enjoy watching it Please add to netflex I really like it a lot It... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Netflix
  • Aug 11
  • by anonymous
  • #520793

I really want to know when are you guys going to add season 10 of Grey's Anatomy This is the main reason why I keep the account...I love this show...are u guys planning to add it before season 11 starts on TV or do I need to cancel my membership and buy season 10 in the store?? Add comment

I don't like it how u deleted avatar the last airbender and I would kindly ask u to put it back on u can barely find it in stores and on nick they shot wit every other day but I want to watch it how long I want to and when I want to. I love Netflix but it's not the same for me without avatar not the blue people the fantasy one which is by far more funny and interesting. Add comment

  • Aug 06
  • Entertainment
  • Dvd Releases
  • 13

My Netflix feedback What happen, Netflix DVD use to release New DVD the same time they came out in retail stores. Lately the new release DVD are 3- 5 weeks after they already came out in retail stores. By the time Netflix release them, they have long waits...If this continues, I just can not wait...I may just cancel my DVD subscription and just buy my DVDs. It's really not worth the... Read more

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  • Aug 01
  • Entertainment
  • Company Services Changes
  • 32

I really hate how Netflix disabled the option to Manage Netflix ready devices and computers. I wanted to disable my computer but make my other family members continue to watch, but I can't do that anymore. Netflix is fine with them, but for me it distracts me from my homework and other studies. I do not know why they would stop doing this because, now if somebody hacked me, I don't even know. I... Read more

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