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    • What netflix used to be 8
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    • That netflix has an order system 3
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    • Took off the most popular shows 6
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    • Netflix self-destructing 5

I'm on the "3 DVDs out at a time" unlimited plan and have received one DVD in the last 2 weeks, even though all the previous DVDs have been returned and received, and there are over 20 DVDs in my ***. This is definitely getting worse in the last month or so. They are purchasing fewer DVDs, stretching turnaround times and generally reducing service levels as a way to increase profits. Seems like false advertising, even though they have weasel... Read more

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Lately Netflix has been taking several days between receiving a returned disc and shipping a new disc. It seems that this is a common practice to "punish" heavy users. Even though the DVD plan is advertised as "unlimited", they delay shipments to effectively limited usage (and even say so in the terms of service). I often watch movies, sometimes more than one a night, since I am disabled and can't engage in night time activities. Punishing me... Read more

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Was charged for a closed account. Only got half my refund .Had to call 5 times to get my money. Add comment

We ordered Fargo season 2 disc 1. It was defective (would not play) so it was reported and sent back. The replacement disc was defective in the same way. When reported the representative stated we probably were sent the same disc as the computer sometimes cant tell if there is a problem unless it is broken. She added two more discs to our *** as compensation, however this happened on a Friday night. They no longer ship on Saturdays, so with the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Netflix
  • Apr 23
  • #835241

Good service, though they do not have the largest selection of shows, however it has never been easier to cancel a subscription. Add comment

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  • Netflix
  • Apr 20
  • #833043

Netflix is getting boring. I wish they put better movies and recent movies. And when are they going to put the new season of law & order on. I think im going to cancel netflix Add comment

I'm a Netflex costumer and I will like to see more of Tyler Perry movies and more black movies, I have net flex but never watch it , it's getting like cable know they say the price is going up again yes you all have to do better to please, your costumers we still like Netflex we just want more of some of the thing we like to watch you have a lot of horror for people who love it I'm not one of them,I love romance and drama .my husband love... Read more

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How can Netflix decide to eliminate something from their library without at least telling the subscribers who are watching it or who have it on their list?? The series in already in Season 9 and I was about half way through Season 6 when they pulled the rug! I understand to keep the content fresh but at least tell me in advance so I can at least binge watch the last couple of seasons! This really *** me off!! Key u mouth hug mouthing guy ft... Read more

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  • Netflix
  • Apr 13
  • #828861

Put back south park back on and update with newer stuff it sucks when its all the same and stuff you liked to watch you took off not cool I'm bout to delete my membership Netflix ain't the same anymore Add comment

It says my account was not found in its records when its being payed for every month. It won't allow me to log in on my Netflix account. This has been reoccurring for months now and I'm still not able to sign in. Netflix also does not have any good shows or movies on it which makes me wonder why I even pay for this site. Netflix isn't what it used to be, and they're obviously not listening to any of the complaints that they get. I'm definitely... Read more

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