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Netflix choice of movies

  • by   Feb 06, 2010
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Company Netflix
Location Salida, Colorado
Category Entertainment
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Nothing like creating their own pro and *** site.A good sign of not caring about consumers/customers is having no published phone numbers or making them not easy to find.

I am very disappointed they don't have near the amount of movies from the past you would think should be available. They say they have thousands of movies, but there are plenty that are not available that should be. Yes, it is very, very disappointing there isn't a current list of NEW movies. Most all are old passed off as new movies if you can find them.

That isn't a mistake. Netflix helped kill off the local stores and like EBay, they have slipped back into an inferior offering of services.

Their service offered is good, but I had better only want high renters. 3080e60

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Oct 19, 2010  from Winfield, British Columbia
Netflix have you waiting way to long for movies by the time you get them they are old like the choices they give you on instant play.They might of put other business out of business but remember you can go to the library in your area and get movies for free or even the red box at walmart for $1.00
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Apr 06, 2010 
Netflix's CEO and CFO have no interest in customer's frustration with experiencing an algorithm which provides only certain, few patrons with new releases. That leads to rampant anger toward Netflix's plan that locks out my *** from the top 12 releases waiting patiently for three months now in my *** and the dozen subscribers that I know who also constantly complain to one another about their dissatisfaction. Netflix is a monster business with a bad habit of not solving this growing dissatisfaction.
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Feb 06, 2010 
I dropped them like a hot potato after most movies had a forever waiting list. Customer service is a joke as their list of movies.
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