Streaming Netflix problems

We are avid users of both netfix disc service and streaming inernet movies.Our problem is that when using the streaming feature our movies drop out mid movie. We have error code and retry messages, and sometimes have to go back to the selection page and restart.

We have done troubleshooting of our system, and contacted our internet provider. Our system is set up correctly. Our internet provider has recieved numerous complaints about this streaming video problem from netflix users. They have carefully examined this problem and have had to conclude that this problem belongs to netflix.

Netflix has been less than forthcoming when it comes to recognising and/or fixing this problem. This is very frustrating!

I don't know if this is in fact a common problem, and I would like to hear from other netflix users who have had this problem.

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Netflix is a joke

Nov 28, 2014 Princeton, West Virginia

I just start my free trail and I'm already thinking about canceling it. I can't watch anything without it buffering every 10 seconds

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Sep 25, 2014

I had constant problems with netflix still I logged and went under my account and changed the settings. Steps: log in, click on your account, middle of page, select your profile and playback settings. Select different ones till you find the right one for you.

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Oct 21, 2013

Netflix streaming is abysmal. I have a *fast* router, and Netflix never gets over 2 Mb. Drop out is constant. Amazon streams in at about 20-25 Mb and no drop out. Don't tell me it's my router, when I get this divergent performance. Amazon *always* streams fast and no drop out.

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Sep 01, 2013 Warwick, New York

netflix sound not good I wish somebody knows how to fix this problem

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Aug 07, 2013

I've used Netflix on ps3 a Wii and computer. I've concluded Netflix sucks! Even their discs were so scratched we couldn't watch them. :upset

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Jul 26, 2013 Oracle, Arizona

NetFlix sucks. 90% of the time it will not stream while viewing. The only way to view is to pause before it hits the end of the stream to allow it to continue loading. When my smart tv arrives adios to NetFlix.

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Jul 25, 2013 Libby, Montana

We just started using netflix (view on tv hooked up to modem). If we pause it, after a fw minutes the screen goes black and we have to restart the program- very annoying! So far that's our only issue. Does anyone know why? appreciate any comments

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May 30, 2013 Las Vegas, Nevada

I had the same exact problem. I tried everything, so I googled and came acrossba forum where everyone has this issue. Someone said make sure the date and time on whatever youbare using to stream is correct. It helped everyone. Even myself. I use a wii.I know its weird. It doesnt hurt to try

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May 01, 2013

If your connection drops under 5 Megabits-per-second, you will have loss of quality and/or re-buffering. Hardwire your device into your modem (NOT your router) and try to stream. Don't be lazy and bring your TV/Device/Modem into the same room so you can hardwire. If the problem persists, 99% chance it is your connection and/or ISP. Your ISP says it is a problem with Netflix, well how to the other 30 million people stream perfectly fine, but people using your ISP seem to be having problems? Sounds like you need a new ISP.

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silly me

Apr 23, 2013 Spring, Texas

I am watching a really good series but so upset that they cant keep the voice and the scene together, it is truly hard when you are enjoying a good movie. But I keep watching it because it is a good movie series. There have been many movies like it and I either just move on to another till I find one that works right. I love netflix :? PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM

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Angry C

Apr 21, 2013 San Jose, California

I just signed up for Netflix so I could watch Hemlock Grove...the *** thing has stalled through EVERY episode...sometimes once or twice, other times it's every couple of will just go to black screen saying "retrieving". I rent movies off of Vudu all the time and I have NEVER had a stall in a movie/show. This is just frustrating as all ***!!!! It's going to take my 24 hours to get through 13 episodes at this rate!!!! Get it together Netflix!! :(

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Mar 02, 2013 San Antonio, Texas

Useful post as I have been wondering about netflix streaming

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No longer a fan

Feb 04, 2013 Richmond, Virginia

We have had Netflix for several months, and it has worked fine until a few weeks ago. Now it is hard to get through a show without it stopping and starting every 10 minutes. It is ridiculous. Our connections have been checked and rechecked. If Netflix doesn't fix this soon, they will have one less customer. I guess that's OK with them. Another will take my place.

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Nov 24, 2012

I believe it is the internet providers - who are doing the same thing the cell phone companies are doing (some of them) - a new way to get more money - no problems at first (2 years) and then 'suddenly' reloading every 5 mins and taking 5 mins to reload - We have wireless router service and I believe it is the plan to get more money from people to do the streaming, or you can just get the dvds -

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Nov 20, 2012

bougth a used wii over a month ago, had netflix on it, but couldnt access, fine, decided to try it out new account in my name, gave cc number, enjoyed full month, then they deactivated it. Checked my account, they charged me for the first month, so i call them. instead of crediting it towards the new month they credit it back to the bank and the proceeded to tell me i had netflix on my device and i dont qualify for a FREE month, and cant charge my account for turning it back on.

They (NetFlix) made the mistake and penalize me for it...the bank isnt sure whats going on..and Netflix refuses to do anything about it...

seems like what most companies end up doing, not working for the customer :upset :?

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Nov 19, 2012

I only use streaming, but it keeps stopping and going back to the main page. It's getting annoying.

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Glenda Ford

Nov 18, 2012

I'm having trouble viewing a show all the way through. Keeps stopping, says reloading, will play for maybe 1-2 mins, stops and reloads again. It's like it never downloaded the entire show at first play. It's loading each scene as we go. This is not good, as my husband wants to cancel service as he refuses to watch a show like this. What's up?

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Mynda McGuire

Nov 18, 2012

I too have just started to experience streaming problems. Two nights in a row I have had to turn Netflix off when it stalls out...restarts for about a minute and then offers the restart option...and that doesn't work, so I have to exit.

Has anyone called them and received a solution? Does Nerflix care that this has developed recently? I suspect that they have over booked their customers and not increased their delivery systems.1

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Skip Laub

Nov 14, 2012

Same thing here, worked fine a month ago, now constant drop out and starts and stop from whatever your watching. If this keeps happening much longer I'm going to quit there service!

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Nov 12, 2012

Also, i wanted to add that I have used their Service for a few years and never had an issue, I have 4 Computers all Mac, very powerful Network system and iphone 4S and never encountered a problem with streaming like this until 2-3 days ago it started happening. This is very weird and I could use more than one device on the same network to and never had an issue with streaming, ALSO i told NETFLIX in a chat that I Stream NETFLIX over my 4G network on my iPhone4S and never had a buffer problem they acted suprised when i told them that. Something is up with netflix streaming. HAS anyone heard anything regarding if they are checking into this ??

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