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Netflix is and always will be deceitful

Before I signed up for their 1 month free trial, I was given the opportunity to browse their selection. I found a movie they listed in their inventory that my wife wanted to watch so I signed up for their streaming service. After enrolling, I could not find the movie no matter how much I searched. After a while I got frustrated and called them. They looked into it and told me that movie is only offered with their DVD by mail service, which wasn't specified when I browsed for it earlier. They said I could sign up for the DVD service to get it but I told them to go pack sand since they falsely advertised the movie. Please don't sign up with them. After they screwed their customers when they doubled their fees for services, now they are still in business of deceit, they should not still be in business.
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If you do not like the service then cancel. It is very easy to cancel.

Oh wait a minute.

That requires the ability to read. So on second thought maybe you can't cancel.


First off, "IHATSTUPIDCONSUMERS", apparently you sit at home with no job and come on here all day just to flame people. You obviously didn't read the post.

They did NOT specify, at all, anywhere in the movie description, which service you had to get to obtain the movie but that just shows that you're the ***.

But for both you and Dave, if you think this has anything to do with money, you're both retarded. It's about ethics.

Netflix doubles their monthly prices by splitting into 2 services thus screwing over their original customers (bad ethics in case you didn't know what that meant) and my point is that they have not improved their lousy business practices with false advertising (another bad thing). I have cancelled my trial subscription but if you want to continue to play dumb consumer and stay with that company, be my guest.


I have enjoyed netflix for 3 years. Granted some of the movies are old but they also have new movies as well.

If you are not happy with the servicer just cancel during the free trial and you will owe nothing. Stop acting like a baby.

If you do not like it leave. That does not require complaining.


My daughter had it and when I would go and spend the weekend with her her TV time was the most borne I have ever encountered. The movies she had listed I could watch were old and ...umm old.

I didnt like the whole thing at all and thought that even if cable is higher it was well worth it. Unless your hardly home ..its not anything to clap about.

Its the most useless thing i have ever seen. Ill stick to cable and my over 200 channels and acutally good shows to watch.


you're dumb. the movie technically was in their inventory as you call it but you're one of those people that see something but don't bother to read anything other than the title or price of something.

you don't bother to read the small or big print. they weren't trying to trick you and your dumb wife because it's not like they stalked your house to find out your wife's favorites movies and then said "let's put this movie on Netflix but let it only be on DVD" grow up and learn to read next time. besides, it was a free trial. you act as if they charged you a huge fee.

it's like 8 bucks a month for unlimited streaming of movies.

it's a good deal at first until you realize they rarely update their movies which is full of unheard movies as well as ones that are constantly shown on TV. that's my only complaint about Netflix.


We have been with NetFlix for many years now and love it. As with online companies like, NetFlix is very well organized and operated.

I am always impressed at how well they do the job they do. However, as with anything, sometimes mistakes happen. That's life. Why don't you try Blockbuster online?

I think they are still in business. You won't like it, but what the heck, eh? now has streaming video. Try that.

It is probably good, as it comes from Amazon.

The only problem I have with Netflix is they are now apparently cutting costs by not buying as many DVDs---the wait times for many are going up. But, it is still a bargain.

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Netflix Free Trial
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Netflix Ripped me off for 53.00 in 2 days

I signed up for Netflix for the free trial after that free trial they told me that the card I used didn't go through for payment..I knew that there was money there so I was confused and they tried the card again...They told me that it went through but my netflix never worked....SO I called them again, and they stated that no the card didn't go through....So I said well let me call my bank and find out what is going on...and I did...That is when I found out that they charged me 4 times all at different prices in that 24 hr period...and my bank said yes they got the money...One charge was for 20.08 then 2 more at 8.49 then 2 more at 7.99..I called customer service and even spoke with a supervisor they said there is nothing we can do we didn't get the money...These people are scam artist and should be stopped...
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:grin Dear David, I think that if you are going to put people down on here then you need to get off of here. Last time I looked this was a site where people complain.

I did contact my bank and what they said was netflix DID get the money! And sometimes all people have are other people and there opinions to help us and if you have a problem with that than maybe you need to stay off web sites that people complain about getting ripped off by companies, if it bothers you this bad...


If they did not say they received the money dispute it through the bank as an unathorize charge and they will charge it back. When you become an adult you have to learn how to handle your own problems.

Complaining gets you nowhere as only a fool would take advise from a stranger on a message board and not join up based on your comments. Be very careful about saying someone is ripping you off.

It could come back and *** you. Yes in life you are going to run into dishonest people who just have to know how to handle it.


I quite those people months ago, when they jacked up their prices on everyone. I've gone with Blockbuster and am pretty satisfied with their service and price.

Good sized library. The only problem is that mail takes an extra day since it has to go farther than it did with Netflix.

But I was glad I at least had a choice. They're getting to be fewer and fewer.

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Shawano, Wisconsin
Netflix Free Trial


These things have repeatedly happened. They won't acknowledge that my movies returned because they don't want to send me 3 movies back. Problems on the site, I ask them questions they never answer me, When I look for movies and you put your mouse on the movie to find out what it is about and they won't put what the movie is about. When I watch movies on unlimited streaming the movie never plays all the way through and keeps stopping and then no sound. It's getting so ridiculos. Today was about movies returned. Very upset.
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I have had the service for 3 years and when I return a DVD the next one on my list sent. I have never had them tell me I did not return a DVD when I did.

The streaming works real code on occasions it will stop the the middle of a movie for rebuffering but not that often. If I have a streaming problem I will move to DVD only.

All streaming titles are available on DVD. I do not think you returned the movie but is trying to get a free movie to keep.

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I just got off the phone with Customer Service because I've had a West Wing DVD (Season 3, Disk 3) stuck at the top of my queue with a "Very Long Wait" for about three months. I spoke with a front-line person (Paul) and his supervisor (Sean). Both young men were...
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Netflix treats customers terrible

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Netflix Streaming Service


Netflix is the coolest thing ever foir the first month you have it then it is less than sub par, anything you want to see they dont have and i know long time customers remember if it was not available to stream on apps you could always stream on a computer...thats gone! take old movie franchises like fri the 13th nightmare on elm st halloween all old as h*** dvd only anything you want to see NEW CUSTOMERS DVD ONLY I LOVED THE STREAMING NETFLIX AND YOU TOOK IT AWAY and now you charge more SERIOUSLY YOU HAVE JUST LOST A 5YR SUBSCRIBER
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I just recently signed up for Netflix. I heard a lot of good things about it.

Now I am starting to regret my choice. I can see why people will torrent movies and TV shows as Netflix has practically nothing on it.


Except he/she is not the only one. My entire family thinks NetFlix has gone down the drain ever since the price hike and lost starz.

The fact that their commercials are so... retro only goes to show how desperate times are for them. They lost 800k customers in a span of like 2 months when all this went down. So yes...

after 800k subs drop your business, with thousands more threatening to do so, and your stock dropping by 35%...

im more than certain theyre losing sleep. Theres just too many movies, new and old, that have been removed from "streaming." The word of mouth used to be a popular vote for Netflix, and now I cant find a single Netflix customer who thinks its a good service.


I have never run out of anything to watch on Netflix. I am sure they are not going to be able to sleep knowing you cancelled.

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Jacksonville, Florida

Netflix ripped me off for 4 months after I closed my account

I signed iup for the free month with netflix and I opened 1 account with netflix and closed that 1 account with netflix. Since they had an old email address of mine, they continued to bill me for months. They said that the day I closed my account, I opened a new one with my old email adress. Since they had all my banking information, it made it real easy for them to continue billing me. I didn't notice unil recently because I don't go over my statements all the time. Netflix is banking on that! They will only reimburse me for one month. The man on the phone keeps repeating that I opened a new account and keeps REPEATING THAT. Netflix is the type of business that rips off little old ladies purses. I'm getting all my account information back from them. I will never ever use them again. WATCH OUT NETFLIX HAS YOUR BANK INFORMATION.
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The same thing happened to me... almost identically.

The only difference was that they wouldn't even give me an email address to send an official complaint to... they are scam artists. My account was charged for6 months after I closed the account.... conveniently they didn't even send one marketing message in that time...that might have tipped me off that they were still charging me....

shame on them. I will never give them any business.


i just got wrongly charged also. I will write up a review with more details after a good attempt to get it straightened out, if it doesn't.

I was not supposed to be charged for a free month until April something and yet they billed me as of March 17th for the first month which was supposed to start April 18. Customer service either lied to me

or they are running a scam so watch your charges everyone. I even had a second rep that confirmed the date of first charge being in April. Notice on the site that they have no email for "contact us" for any assistance or billing problem or any problem... so you can put dialogues in writing for evidence what you said and were told...they only have a phone number on the site for any help you need to resolve something. That alone speaks volumes as to their trustability.

or respectability, honesty. As for the comments from criticize someone for attempting to correct an erroring in billing no matter whether or not they are up to your standards of handling their affairs and accounts monthly as you claim to...A charge for something the customer did NOT use and did not agree to, and the way they justify NOT ACCEPTABLE even if it is 4 MONTHS OR MORE BEFORE HE NOTICED THE CHARGE...HE OR SHE IS RIGHTFULLY DUE A REFUND AND THAT IS NOT HIS OR HER PROBLEM JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK SO...NOR IS HE/SHE crying like a little girl...not at all...he/she just informed us of the details of their actions and did so quite responsibly and maturely and i am grateful that was done and wise on his/her part to withdraw all bank info and do more than that...i encourage you, anonymous to go to authorities...better business to start AND IF YOU WANT TO JOIN EFFORTS AND PERHAPS MORE SUPPORT WITH ANY OTHERS OUT THERE HAVING SIMILAR EXPERIENCES PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME (lancasterm@***.com ) AND PUT ABOUT NETFLIX IN SUBJECT LINE. this kind of action on their part is stealing and needs to be made public and stopped, no matter how many "satisfied customers" disagree or criticize.... they will til the day it happens to them and watch how loud they "cry". We are not crying victims we are taking responsibility, informing others and taking actions to rectify an error that SHOULD be corrected...and should have been so done already and gladly.


I look at my bank statements every month. If you do not know how to handle your own affairs then you need to find someone who does.

If you let them know of the error the first month it posts to your account they are more then willing to refund you the money. If you wait 3 or more months before letting them know there is a mistake that is your problem. They are a subscription service that bills if you use it or not. They won't refund you 4 or 5 months or everyone will be using it and when they get tired of Netflix will call and want a refund.

No one is ripping you off so quit crying like a little girl and take care of your business and stop trying to blame Netflix. I have been very happy with them.

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Los Angeles, California
Netflix Account

Netflix broke itself...going the wrong direction

I was the ideal customer -- always spreading the word, getting friends/family members memberships as gifts, etc. Despite the catalog, which has been increasingly dwindling, Netflix has been systematically destroying itself. I can actually sympathize about the catalog, and I wouldn't mind paying a little more. But to horribly break their user interface for browsing movies in lieu of a flashy piece of *** system which doesn't work well -- ***. I mean really, why would you disable the ability to sort and search granularly in lieu of clicking a big tile button which is hard to read at a glance? It takes forever to browse now. It's actually just easier going to piratebay and seeing what's available. That's what its come down to, really. People will pay for a good, usable interface. If you take that away, why bother paying? I mean, even on a tablet or a smartphone it's *** navigating that thing...text is much better guys...your customers aren't that *** that they can't read... Then to phase out DVDs when they aren't offered via streaming -- ***. To phase out DVDs in lieu of streaming for foreign films and anime, then ONLY have *** English dubbed versions -- ***. Intelligent consumers like choice (and subtitles). Really, Netflix used to be great. Now...they've intentionally broken everything good about it and increased the price. So, goodbye. And I'll only come back when you restored what you broke.
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Netflix was trading at $115 / share two days ago. That's no sign they're eating the big one.

In fact they hit their low at the end of November 2011 when they jacked the *** out of their prices. But they've rebounded tremendously.

Still, that's no reason you should stay with them. Leave them if you don't like them.

I did and I'm completely happy with Blockbuster. Better pricing and I get most of the movies I look for with the same lead time. My requirements are very simple. I just rent movies. None of the fancy, streaming ***.


Oh they're going broke.... especially if they don't have any new releases and no good movies....

the customer always comes first and most of us use this as a great way to avoid going out and renting a good movie, instead we stay in and find something good. With *** selection and price hikes, I don't see how they will survive.

they're are too many sites to download from along with other companies that stream video... After Stars left Netflix in Feb, so did I


I have no problem sorting and serching for my movies. If you are unhappy leave but I assure you Netflix is not going broke and I find nothing wrong with their system. Just because you are not smart enough to find you way around the site do not blame that on Netflix.

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Netflix Streaming Service
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Netflix downright suck!!!

First of all, all the movies in the new release category are movies that came out like 5 to 10 years ago. And the few that are actually new is only available for streaming for one to three days then it becomes dvd only or it was never available for streaming from the start. This seems like a way for them to scam their customers to upgrade to the dvd plan which is double the money when they already forced an increase on the customers regular price. They also limit you to having only two people using it at a time. So what if you have 3 or more family members within your househould or whatever the scenario may be.
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I agree 100% with Kingme22.. The service has become absolute garbage. You can never find a movie you would actually want to watch, they never offer real new releases, they constantly remove large chunks of series in the middle of you watching them.. It's a decent service for about a month, once you have watched the few good movies they offer it's nothing but unwatchable B rated junk from there.

To Davis.. You sound like a nucklehead! weither he still has the service or not makes no difference, he is still entitled to his opinion!

To nikalseyn..

Just because it's better than Blockbuster does not make it a great service, just means Blockbuster is even worse!


I have never been unhappy with Netflix and Have always found the movies I want to see. If a movie gets to the top of my list and it is not available they will send the next available movie and send the one they missed as soon as it becomes available.

I do not start crying and complaining that Netflx is no good and are ripping me off. They are not crooked and you get what you pay for.

No one made you sign up for Netflix so if you are unhappy then leave. It is very simple to cancel your account.


My, how you love to complain. Perhaps you should try Blockbuster online.

Netflix is attempting to save money by not buying as many DVD---witness all the "short wait, long wait", etc we now see on our Queues. But, overall, they are very organized and represent a good value for what you get. I do not stream but get two DVDs at a time.

Except for the wait times on rather ordinary DVDs, I have few complaints. No one is forcing you to join Netflix, you know.

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Alexandria, Virginia

Netflix Downhill?

I wasn't exactly pleased with the price hike netflix forced on its consumers, I honestly didn't feel that i should have to pay double for the same service, but i did the logical thing and i compared netflix to the other products in the market, clearly they had the lead and probably had a right to set the price for their service. I decided netflix was worth it at double the price so i continued to subscribe to netflix. My concern now is that I am paying double for a service that has less and less content every day. You can only watch so much netflix before the foreign films and 1980 movies get old. Starzplay has been removed. Blockbuster hits are non existant or have been moved to DVD only. Netflix rotates their "NEW" content, watch old movies be removed only to be added back to the recently added section a few months later. So again i'm forced to compare it to whats on the market and im finding for the cost i pay i can explore other options ... when I have to hunt for a movie to watch on netflix that i havent seen before or that is worth watching, or nothing new is on the streaming service, it becomes clear that it just isnt right for me anymore. It's sad to see a company with so much potential drop so far. I have considered keeping the DVD rentals, but the streaming is just to disappointing, and if all im going to keep is the DVD portion there are better companies that offer far more than netflix. Price gouging the consumer for more only to offer less is the best way to drive off your consumer base. At this point if netflix doesnt change i hope they go under.
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David, as you are certainly right that starz was the arbitor in removing its content from netflix, consider how much content it provided. Also consider that if you were an employee of netflix who made important decisions, and could see the statistical information about what content is watched most by whatever precentage of their customers, that we both know they have, would you let that content (a huge part of the backbone of netflixs appeal) slip through your fingers?

Just because starz yanked its content doesnt mean its to blame necessarily. A buisness decision is usually based on what makes them the most money. So if I were important, keeping starz would be top priority for netflix. The author of this complaint is right on.

Their dwindeling selection that followed the loss of starz, following 2 price hikes all within a year, spells desperation or greed. And why? For what? Ive read several articles that detail that between netflix, hulu, and the other smaller internet media streaming companies, they make up for 25% of the movies watched.

Thats not even including shows. Theres no way netflix is hurting for income, so not making sure to keep a key provider of content so soon after a double price hike, smells of greed. Giving less content, that updates once a month if we are lucky, and recycling movies in and out of instant stream and dvd only to give the impression of new content is a joke. Im not impressed with hulu plus, but the one thing ive read about them is they update their content daily.

Ive also read, that the shows they provide and, although less vast, the movies they provide, are actually ones you would want to watch. Unlike the vast B-list set of movies netflix is usually sporting. And wtf? Msnbc content to replace starz?

A new and clunky POS interface for xbox to support kinect? Just sprinkles ontop of the *** shoot that netflix has become.

I for one, am willing to try hulu, and plan on doing so. If that doesnt work out, its back to paying for cable.


Our problem with Netflix is with the streaming itself. Last night we tried to watch a movie, but got a message saying Netflix was having trouble with it and to try another one.

We tried another one but it had to rebuffer during the stream and it took a long time. Tonight was a repeat - first told to select another movie and then rebuffering - only this time it never completed rebuffering so we are left off in the middle of the movie!


I have never had a problem finding movies to watch. Yes the new movies are on DVD only.

That is why I have both. Starz play was not discontinued by Netflix but by Starz who did not want you to watch their offerings without being a subscriber to Staz.

All of the Starz content is stremed on the Starz website provided your provider has signed up and you are a subscriber of Starz. So if you want to get mad at anyone then get mad at Starz because they feel that they can get more if they force you to subscribe to Starz.

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Salt Lake City, Utah
Netflix Streaming Service

Thanks to all who posted

We were considering signing up for Netflix but I wanted to do some homework first and looked up "reviews" of the service and you all confirmed what I suspected, which is NOT revealed on their "FAQ" page...that there aren't any new movies or corrent season TV shows. This is a deal-killer for us so we'll be seeking an alternative, such as vudu, hulu, who knows, I haven't researched them all yet but thanks to all who posted here for helping me know what NOT to get. Now I just need to get to 100 very arbitrary...
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Netflix does have all the latest movies. Just not straming.

Vudu charges you for each movie and you can only stream it for a few days.

Hulu plus charges a subscription fee higher then Netflix and you have to still sit through commercials. So for what you get Netfilx is the best value for your money.

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Atlanta, Georgia
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Netflix limits to 2 streaming devices same time

it seem ludicrous that Netflix only allows 2 devices to be streaming video at the same time. Anyone with a family has more than 2 TV's, Wii's or computers on at anytime of the day and for Netflix to call this unlimited streaming is ridiculous. Which means if my husband is watching a piece of *** like he always does, and my kids are watching their shows.....I can't watch anything decent because I cut my cable to just basic since I could get much more variety with Netflix. And oh yeah, the only way to visibly complain about Netflix is on Facebook which I have dropped because of my privacy issues.
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There's a correction, we are a family of 3, even if 2 devices are turned on (mind you I said turned on and NOT watching), the 3rd device won't play. So in the basement I have a TV and my son was watching and then stopped.

In the bedroom my spouse was watching and then stopped.

We all come to the living room and it won't let us watch saying that there are 2 active devices. Netflix is being unfair, they said 2 users watching but their software limits it to 2 devices even if no one is watching.


you can now add four extra streams to your account for an extra charge. quit complaining.


This is stuped. I have to cancel this ***


You left your hundred something dollar a month cable bill for Netflix which is $7.99 a month to gain unlimited access to titles (seems people don't understand what the term unlimited streaming means). Great!

Need more streams? No problem Open a second account and you will have more, that's $15.98 a month. What you don't understand is that Netflix uses the internet to stream content to your house, and that internet cost's money. An HD stream requires at least 5Mbps down connection speed active at all times, but that is for ONE device.

Two devices? 10 Mbps+. How many people have less than 10Mbps but want to stream 3 or more devices in HD? Quite a few, so what would end up happening is buffering, on all devices.

Here is a little math for you, 5 Mbps per device per household, let's say 1 device per household/account. So 30 million people multiplied 5Mbps would be? 150,000,000 mbps on average Bandwidth used for all Netflix Members? This isn't including the households who have multiplied accounts (such as mine).

So you want 20-30Mbps of that to be just for your household, all for the low price of $7.99?

If Netflix didn't have to pay for an internet connection like everyone else, you may get your wish. In the meantime, wait for the 4-streams plan.

@Chassity Jzy

*** with that ***. A $7.99 membershp should be plenty of money for Netflix considering the amount of money they make from running all the video stores out of business, if they are going to try and monopolize the *** industry they better at least try to give us a good experience.


I am also mad about this, and it is not greedy at all. I have 3 children that all watch Netflix, up until recently we never had this problem but yesterday they all was trying to watch Netflix and that's when we found out about he cap on our "umlimited" subscription.. once there is another solution I will be leaving Netflix forever..


You pay a low price for what you get. At one time they only allowed you to stream from only device at a time.

Geez people are greedy and ungrateful these days.

Why not pick up a book instead? Send your kids outside or to the library, do something other than depend on technology for entertainment.


It's not greedy we pay for this stuff I can understand if it was free but we pay every month there's nothing greedy about it.

@Jersi Xos

If anybody here read the Terms of Use, you would clearly see, that in the terms that YOU agreed to, that it says ( i have copy and pasted this directly from the terms) "YOU MAY INSTANTLY WATCH ON UP TO SIX UNIQUE AUTHORIZED NETFLIX READY DEVICES. YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO INSTANTLY WATCH SIMULTANEOUSLY ON TWO SUCH DEVICES AT ANY GIVEN TIME"

Now, the common response to this is, "who reads the terms of use anyways?.." Fair statement. But if youre going to join an online service, put your credit card on file, and have a certain high expectation of what you should receive, then perhaps reading the terms of use would be in your best interest.

Perhaps greedy was the wrong word, but there is no denying that youre getting what you pay for with this service. Nobody is twisting your arm to stay. Generally, if youre not satisfied with something, you dont continue using it, especially if youre paying for it. May as well toss your money out the window and hope for the best.

As mentioned by a poster previously, understandably its nice to have technology to entertain our children, but in the end im sure kids are able to entertain themselves with something other than a mindless tv/movie program.


It's crazy that Netflix only allows 2 devices to stream simultaneously. We pay for Netflix so it should allow more just like with cable you can surf the web, talk on the phone, and watch multiple tvs at the same time.

It upsets me since my house is full of people. :(

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Portland, Oregon

Netflex not current nor responsive

The new movies on Netflex are old, and/or are documentaries. And when I have tried to watch a TV series, on Sunday, no videos are available for steaming, regardless of being a TV show or movie. This web site is a pain, as it requires a minimum of 100 words, when less will suffice. There is not more I can say about Netflex, except that it is non-responsive to customers, and their desires. When movies are released in DVD, I would expect that they would be available to stream via Netflex, but that is not what happens. Therefore, I would not recommend buying Netflex unless you are new to the service, and haven't seen the movies available. Afterward, you may cancel as I will do.
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David, you really are a knucklehead! If you would have read his entire post you would have read that he did cancel..

As I did, that's why he's here reviewing netflix, to inform the un-informed of the terrible service and offerings of netflix.

If you're not happy with his review, why comment on it?(along with several others)

If you're so happy with the service, why are you looking up bad reviews of it? I'd be inclined to believe you might be a representitive of netflix trying to throw a blanket over the brush fire.


I have been happy with Netflix. The new movies not being on streaming is not Netflix but the owner of the movies.

They decide what can be streamed and what cannot be streamed.

I have always been able to get new releases on DVD. If you are so unhappy then cancel.

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Houston, Texas
Netflix Streaming Service

Netflix bull ***

I subscribe to netflix and I am tired of the *** they have for streaming. I called and found out most of the movies have been pulled so, all you are getting now is st-- thats been on T.V. for years and films with subtitles in a language noboby can understand. Some of the old shows like babylon 5 have been pulled so what good are they? If I want to watch a movie I go to Redbox what a great deal. I will drop netflix if Redbox goes streaming, screw netflix what a hype. Sell all your stock Netflixs will go down like a rock in a pile of DoDo. Thieves and crooks the lot of them. along with cable. directv, and dish. This is one industry the feds should investigate. YEA I thought you needed a laugh !!!!!!
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read the post DA, he said streaming nothing about dvd rental, and i agree Netflix has really gone down hill and i have just cancelled my subscription


I am happy with Netflix. I always find something to watch.

No one is making you get Netflix so if you are so unhappy then cancel and use Redbox. But don't come crying here when they say you did not return a disk when you did and they charge you for it.

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Conway, Arkansas
Netflix Tv Show
New Reviewer

Netflix stole $172.20 Double charged 10 month

i am using Netflix for over 2 years for streaming and dvd rental, about 4 weeks ago i discovered that they double charged me for 10 month!!!! i called them and the customer service person told me that someone apparently opened a new he gave me the email address which that account was opened, it was the one i signed up with 2 years ago...haha go figure, anyhow so he said they will investigate the case and get back to me, well they did i got 1 month credit and that was it 10 month of service cost me $327.18 nice huh? So today i wanted to watch a movie and it said.."there is a problem with my account, please contact Netflix" so i did and called to find out what the problem was.....well he said my account was flagged due to my 2nd account.....which i don't have the account cant be used for a week...LOL i smell RIPOFF i canceled my account and still waiting on my $16.88 i was supposed to get back....
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youre an *** for not checking your account more often and catching these charges. sorry i tell it like it is.


I guess for you David from Atlanta... a company can take cold advantage of the irresponsible??

javascript:ac_smilie(':upset') The business gets a free pass on responsibility??

You sound like you have stock in Netflix... javascript:ac_smilie(':(') Best wishes with your scam!!


They did the same for me. I had a account long back associated with paypal which I canceled.AFter few months, I have opened other account with other Credit card.

After few months I have figured out that they were charging me on both accounts.

When I have asked them, they simply gave me back one months money and that's their policy.

NefliX sucks.... they steal money and they know it.


See Netflix' Representitive (David) response below..

This is the service you can expect from netflix.


It is your fault for not keeping up with what is being charged to your credit card. Don't blame Netflix but blame yourself for not looking at your statement.

People these days never want to be responsible for their own actions.

You just learned an expensive lesson.

Suck it up and next time keep up with what is being charged on your credit card. I do.


:( I am really mad, they sent me a notice to renew my credit card, weird since it was not close to expirtation date. Go into my acct.

to ck it out. They continue to send emails you must renew your credit card but my acct. shows it is up to date and fine. Finally I give them my other CC and find out they were blling me for a yr and a half sinc Nov 2010 for that streaming which I never used and only noticed when I put my acct.

on hold took 3 months to find out I have 2 accts with the same email addy but I can't see it online when I see my acct. they say they can see the other credit charges but I can't see it. I only see my old CC charges the other charges are in a mystery acct.

at $16.60 for 18 mos. STOLEN from me they will refund only 3 mos What a Scheme

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I cancelled Netflix in August 2011 and just discovered that they are still charging me approximately ten dollars a month. It is now the end of February 2012. I don't live in the US anymore and because of the time difference I anticipate it is going to be a headache...
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They charged me for the last year after I cancelled acount. Credit card company got me the last 4 months back.

Called netflex and they very rude and said it was my fault for not checking my monthly credit card statement.

I checked my statement because i heard on the national news netflex was charging people after they cancelled. I think a class action lawsuit so be filed.

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