Neflix free trial is not free. Charged 3 days after joining free trial.

Had desire for the 7.99 month Netflix service , 1 month free, but charged 3 days after joining(paypal) unable to get refund, I promply canceled. There are no refunds, which I dont respect the business practice, 1-800 number given, but again no refund given. I will avoid netflix due furher concerns of deceptive business behavior. As I review the commments I would love see Netfix address this. The websites states if you see the charges listed you will not be charged, it is just recognition of a valid avenue of pay. This just isn't true, it was removed from my acct.
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THIS HAPPENEND TO ME AS WELL so uh *flicks nose* wanna be friends so say

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Blair, Nebraska
Netflix Free Trial

Netflix suks

have fun trying to sighn up for a 30 day trial offer when they wont evan acknowledge thier own assighned password much less anything else. besides the downloaded browser they want you to use is buggier than week old roadkill on a hot summer day.the only thing they ever seemed to get right was access to your money. in fact it seemed to be the only thing they wanted.just another bogus well advertised *** online it any wonder nobody trusts the net? One big waste of time, energy and patience.What a waste!Netflix sucks.*** me.
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Columbus, Ohio

Netflix free trial only for some

I recently signed up for netflix with a supposed 1 month free trial. Two days after signing up, I was charged for the first month (not a free trial). I called in to ask why, and was told that because a previous resident with the same last name at the same address had an account, I wasn't eligible for a free trial. It's not the rule that bothers me, but instead the vagueness of it before you sign up. First off, it's very difficult to locate this rule, even in the fine print. Second, if you're signing up under the banner of a "free trial" the system should be capable of figuring out that you aren't eligible, and warn you. The charge is only $10, which isn't a big deal, but the practice seems a bit underhanded.
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they charged me for the free trial, they are thieves


Sounds like you tried to get an extra month free. You have to know they have software to figure that stuff out.

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Netflix Free Trial

Old Movies and T.V Shows

Netflix streaming has old t.v and movies. If I want a current movie I have to pay extra for go to another source. This is a big disappointment. I wanted current movies not ones that are 6 months old or older. BOOO Nexflix bad job I have watched old t.v shows and old moveis. I paid $4.99 to watch a movies on Itunes. I am so disappointed I expected more for Netflix. I want to see an improvement or I am cancelling. I would be better off getting more premium channels on Cox. There movies are newer. Very Bad Nexflix
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Yes Netflix service is not for the person looking for new Movies. I like the streaming on my pc though because after you get a lot of old movies and tv shows for less than the cost a single rental.

Yes it is slow and not perfect just cheap fun. SOme of us like old movies.


the streaming only plan has a lot of the same shows as the pay channels you have to spend an extra 5$ to get the dvd's by mail and then you can get new releases and with pay channels you don't always get to pick whats on the streaming service is like a pay channel that you pick whats on and when

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Mesa, Arizona
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Netflix ***

I can't tell you how may time I have "tried" to watch streaming videos and just when I get into the movie it cuts out. WOW, this happens too many times and is frustrating. I PRAY Apple TV takes this streaming video business and kicks their butt. Netflix customer support is HORRIBLE and no one gives a darn about your issues. I have called in the past and spoken to their customer service reps and today I spoke to a guy named Josh (he would not give me his last name) and he was trying to pass the buck by telling me my high speed Internet was probably not fast enough, I asked how fast I need and he told me 1.5Mbps... I ran a speed test on my Cox Ultra High Speed internet and it came back at 2.4Mbps... so there you go... trying to pass the buck and lot coming up with any solutions. Their customer service reps are the worst and I can see this company getting left in the dust with up and coming competitors in the future. I have a brand new Vizeo TV and that is why I got Netflix in the first place and very fast Internet service. Also, their selection of movies are OLD and "B" rated movies... hardly any new releases. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND SUBSRIBING TO NETFLIX. Signed VERY DISSAPOINTED NETFLIX CUSTOMER
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I can tell you right now that all of the people who had positive things to say on this thread about Netflix work at Netflix. Instant streaming at Netflix isn't ready or even comparable to Hulu/Vudu. The customer support at Netflix is ok, but they farm everything out to either your ISP, the device manufacturer, or Microsoft because they don't want to waste the time/money on fixing their issues.


I have been a netflix subsriber for about 10 years, and have been pretty happy with it. A month or two ago I started using their "instant" streaming movies.

The service is NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME. About 1/3 to 1/2 of the movies suffer from frequent interruptions. I just got up from yet another, this time there were 12 interruptions in 7 minutes. Real time for the 7 minutes was about 20+ minutes.

And WHAT customer support? You cannot provide feedback.


It cuts out becasue you do not have the right internet speed. You need at least, 10 Mgs download.

You also need a cable wire rather than a DSL phone. Believe me, you get the right connection, it will not cut out.


You can also get pretty much anything on DVD. I, too, once thought the selection of the instant stuff seems to be annoyingly small, but then I realized that I've watched every episode of three multi-season TV shows in about two and a half weeks.

And if you're not getting the DVDS, you're paying what, $5 a month? Seriously, chill.


I have been a netflix customer almost since the beginning and haven't had the problems that you are describing. I could be wrong, but your problem looks like it might be a latency issue.

I have also heard that some isp's throttle connections with the netflix servers. It would be interesting to know who you get your internet from. Maybe an isp change is in order.

As far as the netflix selection.

There is a wait period before new releases are added in order to keep from stepping on the toes of rental stores and such. Although my *** currently has several 2010 movies, such as "Dinner for Schmucks", "Unthinkable", "Red" (available on the 25th), "The Town" (available on the 11th)

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Netflix Streaming Service
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Making unauthorized transactions in bank account

We signed up with Netflix for a free 30 day trial. I wanted to watch the movie "Howard the duck" one day last week. We filled out all their forms, and gave them all the info they wanted, and we joined. Once we joined, I tried to bring up the movie to watch online, and...
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I called a number of times and they keep telling me my account is closed but they keep charging my credit card. Evertime I call back and ask why my credit card was charged they tell me they will credit the money but I still have not seen a credit on my account and I cancelled in Dec but what I do see is a bunch of debits.

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Chicago, Illinois
Netflix Free Trial

Kid okays gun usage

Usually, I am a bit disengaged in posting comments/ blogging/ etc., but this Netflix commercial is so outrageous. This precocious little kid prances around in his pjs on different western sets asking questions to the cast (in a bossy authoritative way). Then towards the end he sits with his family to watch tv. The last statement he asks as he watches the two cowboys fist fight..............."Don't they know they have guns? What is Netflix trying to portray and from the mouth of a kid? We don't need approbation for more use of guns to solve our problems!
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I see my posts have been edited so I appear foolish. Silence my voice. You will all bring your own doom without my help.


Never argue with *** people. They will drag you down to that level and then beat you with experience.

One day I will hunt library's for sport as they cry for they're large government that isn't coming to save them :)


I LOVE that commercial! It is hilarious and I think that kid is such a great actor. I'm shocked some people have taken offence to it.


I agree the fat kid is annoying, and love to see em get smacked by the tht be great. Seriously though the kid is watching a western, everyone knows them, and im sure everyone's seen one.

it's not a big deal nor has it changed since they came out; *** remember the old bugs bunny cartoons being hunted by Elmer Fudd. Just because he had a shotgun didn't mean kids turned out to be killers. Quit making a big deal out of something that is not.

If you are so sheltered that everything that you see is perceived to be wrong then become Amish. Please just so i don't have to hear all the people in suburbia complain bout some pointless ***.


I remember thinking the same thing when I was that age watching westerns with my dad....just saying. I happen to think its a funny and relatable commercial.


That fat wiseass kid is annoying.


Every person talking about this commercial being so terrible, needs to get a life. It's a western.

I bet your all tree hugging, animal rights activists. I bet you don't even have kids of your own, your just sticking your big *** nose in someone else's business. Look the fact remains that guns are a tool, kind of like your mouth, you go shooting it off when your not suppose to you will hurt someone and get hurt yourself. You have a problem with guns fine, keep it to yourself, and mind your own business.

The problem lies with the ignorance of people who think getting rid of guns will fix anything. If not guns bad people still find other ways of doing bad things. Getting rid of guns is not the answer. Growing a brain is.

Hiding kids from guns is not the answer. Teaching them respect for human lives, and what a gun is supposed to be used for is.

Try spending your time being a productive part of society then finding ridiculous things to complain about. Grow up.


you have a serious mental problem.if this commercial has this affect on you need to go and seek some help. WOW!! A KID IS WATCHING A WESTERN MOVIE WITH HIS FAMILY MAYBE WE SHOULD BAN APPLE FOR THE BABY THAT HAS AN IPAD IN HIS CRIB HE MIGHT BE WATCHING ***


I guess all kids who see that commercial are going to grab hand guns and turn into mass murderers, but then, when the firearm is removed, they revert back into cute little kids. Come on, stop drinking the hollywood/media supplied kool Aid.

Millions and millions of firearms in this country and still very few murders, especially compared to cigarettes, automobiles, alcohol, drugs and swimming pools drowning your toddlers. I bet you complain about all those items as much as firearms, dont you.

NOT. Most of you must have removed your brains and replaced them with a nine inch tv set stuck on CNN.


I agree with the OP. The commercial was outrageous. How can it be ok to have a kid watching a violent movie while sitting between his parents say 'They know they have guns right?'

That's absurd and sends the wrong message.

It should be pulled.

Booooooo for Netflix!

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Netflix Tv Show
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Netflix, sent in new PS3 Game by Mistake

My daughter by mistake sent in her husbands brand new PS3 Madden 11 playstation game that she thought was the movie they just watched. She stuck it in an envelope and returned it to netflix, which is what you are supposed to do once finished watching a movie so you can order another one. Well, a couple of days later they received a call from netflix saying that they received their PS3 game instead of the movie they were supposed to send in. My daughter was told that Netflix was returning their game, and they would get it back in the mail in a couple of days. To make a long story short, they never received the game. After several calls to netflix, all netflix was going to do was give them a 10 dollar credit. They said to take it up with the post office, because they were the ones who lost it. My son in law was so pissed that he cancelled netflix (which by the way he loved). So, now what would be the next step in recovering the game. By the way, my son in law just repurchased the game yesterday for 59 dollars plus tax.
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Same story here...My wife sent my PS3 Black Ops game. Netflix have not received the game and it's been 2 weeks.

In the past two years we have not lost any mail until now.

If the case is they are getting 2,000 a day or week and they only credit $10 not a bad exchange. SOMEONE HAS ALL THESE GAMES SOMEWHERE...


I will back you up since this just happened to us. Except I got my PS3 game back...or at least half of it.

Accidentally sent in a pristine PS3 game, got back half of a broken disc with scratches and greasy fingerprints all over. The other half of the disc was nowhere to be seen in the sealed disc sleeve. I believe some half-wit at their customer service center knowingly broke and damaged my PS3 disc, before sealing half of it up and returning it to me.

Netflix customer service told us to get bent. I canceled my service and let them know that I will bad mouth them on every site from here until the end of internet.


I don't think anyone that returned their own personal disc to Netflix would be so unreasonable as to blame Netflix; that would be beyond absurd. What I know from personal experience, and what I have learned from a multitude of others, is Netflix brings this situation to your attention via email and assures you that they are sending your disc right back to you.

When this does not happen within a reasonable amount of time; they give you the run around during subsequent "customer service"(I use the term extremely lightly here) calls and then finally put the blame the post office; all in an effort to get rid of you. This is exactly how big companies eventually go under; by not providing exceptional customer service, lying to the customer and treating the customer like they are doing the customer a favor instead of providing them with the best product, service and value that they possibly can for their hard earned money. Let's remember that the customer is always right and that we are all customers at one time or another.

Anyone who has been treated this way as a customer by a company and tells you that it was their own fault is lying, crazy or both.

Here's a suggestion for Netflix; give THE CUSTOMER the option to insure and track the return of their disc to them at their own expense. I doubt that anyone would fault Netflix after that if they did not get their disc back, and it would take the post office out of the running as a Netflix scape goat.


So what I hear people saying is, if I were a Netflix customer and I sent a Movie back to Netflix, but they say they didn't receive it, I just give them $10 for the moive and then I don't have to do anything else. Netflix has to take it up the fact that they didn't get the movie I sent, with the Post Office. Right,,, try that and let me know how it goes....


Sounds like netflix employees like ps3 games or they sell them on ebay


I just did a google search and found this forum. I just had the same exact thing happen to me, and am also quite PO'd.

I also LOVE Netflix, I have nothing but praise from them. I also admit, when I inadvertantly put my brand new NHL 11 PS3 game in the sleeve by accident, instead of the movie we had just watched, it was 100% my mistake and fault. What makes me mad, is that I received an e-mail from Netflix the next day saying that they received my PS3 game, and it would be put in the mail the next day and returned to me. It has been 2 weeks and I have yet to receive the game.

I talked with the Netflix customer service yesterday and also said I would get 1 month service credit, ($10), but that is all they can do. I was told they get about 2,000 of these mistakes a day or week. It make me feel good I am not the only dumb one out there, but they really should have a better system for handling it since it happens that frequently. The only thing that really upsets me is that they said it was being sent the next day, and I am sure it wasn't.

The mail isn't that unreliable, and they obviously have people squawking all the time or else they wouldn't have given me the $10 without even having a discussion. They were very nice, but they should have made sure my game was returned. Someone in their warehouse has sticky fingers and they have no way to account for it.

What a shame. I won't cancel, but I am not happy with them.


Sounds like Netflix went out of their way to help you fix your own mistake. It's not their fault that USPS dropped the ball on this one.

USPS loses a certain percentage of packages, that's just the way things are. The 10 dollar credit was more than fair. Netflix was right, the next step is to take it up with the PO. They can occasionally find lost packages, but not without a tracking number.

And before you suggest it, no, netflix shouldn't have insured your package... unless you offered to pay for the return shipping.


Unfortunately for you, it's your mistake. Netflix can give any kind of excuses (true or false) but at the end it was your mistake. That kind of customer services only comes from smaller player not big franchises with thousands of employees.

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Monroe, Louisiana

Netflix - charged $25 for free month trial

I signed up for a Netflix free trial at college. I did not understand this until today but because my dorm was already "recognized" as an address they charged me $25 for the first month! I had no idea I was not eligible for the free month and should not have been charged...they refused to remove the charge. This is a huge RIPOFF!!!!I spoke to customer service who not only was not helpful was really not nice. This is a very poor business plan for consumers. In addition, after my free month I just got notice that the price had gone up! RIPOFF Netflix Nov 27, 2010
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That happened to me to and in top of an.overdraft fee from the bank.that neither.they can.return im hella pissed I I 45 fee.that was suppose to be a free month.


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Colonia, New Jersey
Netflix Free Trial

Netflix - Movie selections - old!

To whom this may concern... I'm a new Canadian customer > I like your set-up. But I don't like the choices you offer for Canadian customers. Dam, get some New Release movies on Netflix in Canada or I'm quiting... I was told movies that have been out of the theater's will be shown about 3 months later. Most of the movies I see through my Wii are from 2006 or prior. Get with it Netflix or I'm canceling Next Month. Again, I was told prior to joining, that Netflix shows new released movies after out of the theater. Robert West Home: 1-90*-458-**** or Cell: 1-64*-938-**** robert.west@***.ca
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I'm on a free trial for unlimited streaming plan and there is no way I would ever pay for this service. I have yet to find a movie that I want to watch or haven't already seen.

I can't believe people actually pay for this service or how they're even in business.


I'm just wondering when Netflix will make all the movies to be able to be watch instantly on streaming devices (ie. ps3, xbox360 ect)!!!

This is the only bad thing about NETFLIX, the best or popular movies aren't available for watch instantly. Not a good thing!!!

Its time to Listen to your customer's complaints Netflix!!! :( :( :(


I've had Netflix for the PS3 for about seven months now, I'm just about done. Their new arrivals are horrible.

Out of 75 listed there' MAYBE one decent movie, and it will be the only one for like two months then they'll offer one more decent movie. I only kept it this long because my kids like some of the programs, but even they're tired of the same old Dora and Spiderman, nothing updated.

I wanted to like you, Netflix, I really did.

I mean the concept is great, who wouldn't want to stream movies to their tv instead of having to go rent the dvd? I guess I'm just not that into two star movies from 2001.


I joined and am disappointed with the selection too. No newer movies, I went to the IMBd site and looked over some lists that people have posted as the "must see movies" (100's of them) and netflix has none that I searched for.

It may be easier for them to just tell me what they do have. :upset


I'm just wondering when they are going to make all the movies to be able to be watch instanly!!! This is the only bad thing about NETFLIX, the best movie aren't available for watch instantly.

And also they take some movies out from been watch instantly, not a good thing!!!

I hope they listen to the customer and try to improve this!!! I thinks I'll be canceling pretty soon!


Nothing new under the sum with America spouting off about its self as usual. I have notice that everything is USA centralised no wonder why Americans think they are the centre of the Universe, all they see is BS.

I am amazed at this. Especially at PBS. Americans believe PBS document what they believe is absolute fact put it is again stroking the American ego, so as to say AMERICA #1.

I don't know where to start, not that I have to on account the world knows how arrogant Americans can be. I feel sorry for the Good Americans who havea clue.


Really disappointed with the selection. Lod movies, and few of them are the better ones.

Try to get a "James Bond" movie. None of them are available.


It is not only in Canada that you have old movies. I live in SC and I have seen every movie they offer and even some of the old movies you still have to get through the mail.I have cancelled twice and reopened the account.

I started netflix again because I thought I would be getting new releases streaming to my TV. I will cancel again if netflix does not improve the menu soon.


Netflix and Redbox have an agreement with many movie production companies that requires they can't carry their new releases for at least a month afterwards. Production companies want people to *buy* their dvds, so of course having rental companies carrying their films is a pain. Netflix *can not* carry a movie three months after its in theatres or no production company would let them carry their movies *at all*


I've had Netflix for 3.5 months. The newest movie I have seen is Date Night and that is not available instantly.

The instant selection is so poor, with tons of never-heard movies and 10+ year old films. It has not improved since I've had it.

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Netflix DVDs are unplayable!

I havent gotten a playable dvd from Netflix for 3 months! All I do is keep sending them back! The streaming seems to be fine, but the dvds have one problem after another. Either the sound is screwed up or the video doesn't work, or in the case of the last one, it's impossible to turnoff the directors commentary. Unfortunately, the streaming selection leaves a lot to be desired. Netflix is very fast at replacing a messed up dvd, but unfortunately, they replace it with another messed up dvd. I am at my wits end... why isnt there a reliable movie service?
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I have to clean every dvd that I receive from netflix, after that they have all worked great, not a single bad dvd since I joined a few years ago.


discs constantly arrive in unplayable state--and Netflix only offers to send another copy, no matter how long you've waited


To whom this may concern...

I'm a new Canadian customer > I like your set-up. But I don't like the choices you offer for Canadian customers. Dam, get some New Release movies on Netflix in Canada or I'm quiting... I was told movies that have been out of the theater's will be shown about 3 months later. Most of the movies I see through my Wii are from 2006 or prior.

Get with it Netflix or I'm canceling Next Month. Again, I was told prior to joining, that Netflix shows new released movies after out of the theater.

Robert West

robert.west@***.ca :roll


Netflix does not have any quality control. Been a member for 5 months - 60-70% of their discs will not play. As of today I'm a former member.


I'm having the same problem, they just won't play. I marked the ones that were bad as bad on the disc and sent them back asking for a replacement.

They sent the exact one back that I marked as bad. They claim they go to great lengths to ensure playable discs but clearly that's just some corporate mumbo jumbo - lie.

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Netflix Dvd Rental

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Netflix: Ultimate insult!

Following a day of unsuccessful attempts to watch content through my wifi BluRay connection, I filed a complaint on the Netflix website. I then received an email from them containing the following paragraph: "We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. If you were unable to instantly watch a movie or TV episode via your Netflix Ready Device, click on this account specific link in the next 7 days to apply your 3% credit to your next billing statement for your 1 DVD out at-a-time (Unlimited) plan. Credit can only be applied once." Now I ask you, who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to claim a 27 cent credit?
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I learned today that Netflix is raising their rate from 8.99 to 9.99 in January. Okay so what's a buck?!

But THE MOVIE CHOICES ARE TERRIBLE. An Ashley Judd flick that came to theatres for about a week in 1991 is in the NEW RELEASE section. Gimme a break.

I've had Netflix for 3 months and I am ready to shut it off already. I can only imagine that the (already limited )instant streaming content will shrink further with the price increase.


Mine was 2 %.What a jokE !

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Netflix Tv Show
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I purchased a gift "subscription" as I was reminded when I called netflix to see why I couldn't use it. I did not enter the code to use it online within 1 year of purchase and now it's expired. I looked up the laws and they are 2 years minimum, Netflix said thats why we sell a "subscription" and not a gift certificate. Basically told me right there they are trying to skate around the consumer protection laws. THEY JUST WANT TO STEAL MY MONEY AND NOT GIVE ME WHAT I'VE PAID FOR!!Unbelievable and disgusting, they should not be allowed to do this to people.
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most states have a consumer protection dept. I've complained about Quest, Microsoft and AOL ripping me off to my state attorney general and got satisfaction, including small checks to compensate for my inconvenience from all of them.

It has to be a genuine complaint and you should include your evidence to back up your complaint when you send it. You'll be surprised how quick you get a positive response from a company who has been putting you through *** after they receive letters from your state attorney general letting them know which law they violated.

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Boston, Massachusetts
Netflix Subscription

Netflix do not publish prices

message to netflix; I was hoping to get a new source for up to date videos and TV shows. Nowhere on your sight do you list your prices and types of memberships. You claim to stream movies with an unlimited membership which you do not define. This seems to be the kind of practises that many mortgage dealers did. With the kind of money you spend on advertising what would be the purpose of not telling us the prices. What is an unlimited membership. Many of us quite you because it took months to get new releases. If your service is as good as you claim you do not need to be shadowie with your advertisement. I have owned your stock but will not buy it again because if you are not willing to publish your prices you are creating an appearance of questionable business practises that even if you are honest will lead to problems with your stock. Even the banks are being forced to be upfront with their customers. I will be blogging about this issue. I also email Jim Cramer because he has championed your stock, but has often said if a business, even a good one, is perceived as hiding their business practises sell the stock and deal only with those that are open and honest.
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I am not sure about your complaint..thier website has prices listed from lowest form of membership and up

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Netflix Membership
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Netflix treats me as criminal

My credit card number was stolen, and when on phone with bank, they noted a $1 charge to Netflix. I contacted Netflix, and they said that is how the thieves know the card number is good, by opening an account with them. The person at Netflix said they will stop the card's use, since my card was already cancelled by the bank, and I thought that was the end of it. That evening, I tried to watch an instant view of a film, when the device said I was disconnected. I took the code that it gave, signed into my account, and applied it. Message said for me to call customer support. I did, and they said they can't activate my account, the accounting group could, they will send an email with instructions. I received the email, and they wanted me to print it, fill it out, then fax it. What did this look like, one of those forms you see in the spam emails from Nigeria. I called and got a supervisor, who would not admit they locked my account by mistake, and I had to fax them either my paypal account or another credit card. My account was paid up for next 17 days, which means they did not need to lock my account. They refused until I faxed them the info. I cancelled the account, and I am going to all websites, including the BBB to voice how Netflix enables the criminal, and treats their customers as such.
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I would be thankful that Netflix is a top of it asking for a new card. They need to make sure it's you!

I bet your credit card company put your card on hold, too. Did you call them and cry? It's steps they need to take.

I am a Netflix customer and love it! They have always been great to me.


Don't pay attention to the other responses. I guarantee you if the same thing happened to "come on" and "osmo", they would throw a fit.

Some people respond because they are chicken **** in everyday life and actually can pretend they have a "set" by making smart *** comments here.

Sorry for your experience with Netflix and the credit card mess.


So *** happens. Most systems will shut down or suspend your account if there's no credit card on file, redgardless if the account is current for the month.

Get over it and get over yourself. Learn to deal with it like an adult, if you are.


Get a life! wa

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