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Netflix - Offerpal -Did not deliver promised promo & refused to take care of software error.

Netflix (through OfferPal) offered 150 Farmville (a popular facebook game) cash as a promo for joining Netflix for a one month trial. This was supposed to be delivered within 2 hours. I waited 4 hours before emailing when it wasn't recieved. Well, several emails and phone calls later to Netflix, Offerpal when they claimed it was their problem, Zynga who owns the Farmville game and back to Netflix, I still do not have the farmville cash a month later. I emailed several pages following the links they gave me proving to them that I did nothing wrong when they insisted I joined through their website instead of through the promo site, as well as proof that I actually joined. They then claimed I must have partially filled out the form, left and come back and that's what caused the error. Wrong! All they have to do is look at the time stamp to see that I was actually picking out dvd's the second time and had been accepted by then! They claimed everything they could think of rather than admit it was a software error. Anything to put the blame on me so they would not have to honor their deal! The thing is, if a company offers customers something, even if they make a mistake, why would they not give them what they offered anyway!!!!!!!! Not that I made one, but just wondering what their problem is??? Does this make sense? I was shocked to find out that Zynga who was partnering with them by letting them advertise on their site would not interfere. Bad business on their part as well. Beware of Netflix! They do not honor their agreements or promos. I canceled and will never do business with such a dishonest company and don't recommend that anyone else do either. I never expected such problems from Netflix. I thought they were a large company not one that had to fight with their customers over pennies that they promised and then reneged on!
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You are mad over FarmVille cash?

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Still being charged for a cancelled membership

I cancelled my membership with netflix in April,2009.They are still charging me $17.11 monthly.That isn't much but just think about if they did this to everyone.I sent the customer service e-mail concerning this issue,but you know how that goes.This company...
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I am having this same problem. I've sent an note to my bank to dispute charge. There has to be something that can be done to stop these charges.

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NETFLIX edits movies

When I got netflix instant play for my PS3 I thought it was great, then I noticed they DO NOT have full lenght movies, but instead have the junk edited for TV. If I want to watch a TV movie I'll keep paying for cable. I want the full un-cut movie with all the scenes intact. There is just no way I'm going to pay for the "theactrical" version that they call them. They cut some of the best scenes out for no apparent reason and it makes a farce of their whole company. Until they get their act togeather I'll stay away.
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your *** dude netflix go watch teleatubies with your momma

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Can't get to DVDs to Browse

I was given a subscription and have been using for over one month. I have an ICON on my desktop and I click on it and go to new releases and put movies in my que. Tonight I get a red screen and it says I can sign up for a 1 month free trial. I don't need it. I just want to be able to do what I've been doing since I got this subscription. We enjoy it and would really like to get rid of the 1 month free trial thing and go back to what we had last week! Please help!
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Same here. The Netflix web site is the worst site on the web. Unusable.


my experience seems to be the same, only streaming movies are now able to be browsed? i think i might be dropping netflix.


So i pay for just the streaming Netflix and when i try and search for an actor or movie it only gives me movies that are streaming. I cant even browse the dvds that they have. Why would i want to pay for an extra service if i cant even see what they have to offer

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Netflix broke my Blu-Ray player drive

Just got off the phone with David of Netflix customer service 866-716-**** service code 431 364. Told him how my discs have been coming in the mail damaged, cracked, and unplayable. Lately, a lot. I must have had 6 bad discs in the past few shipments. They must not check them carefully before sending them back out. Little did I know this has serious consequences. This one looked ok. Dr. Oz. You on a Diet. I put it in, and you should have heard the loud bang! Like a gunshot. I jumped. Pressed eject and only 3/4 of the disc came out. The other pieces are in there and the drive won't play any other discs. Won't make a sound. Only the tray ejects and inserts. This player is not even a year old. He checked with a supervisor, and said 'we're not responsible.' He suggested I send the player to the company under 1 year warranty repair. I told him they would probably find the broken disc inside and deny the warranty repair. Plus that would be wrong. Told him I read online a lot of people receiving damaged Netflix discs, and that they should use something stronger than paper envelopes. Then he got all sassy on me and said 'Yeah, it would be nice if we could ship them out in Kryptonite.' In all my 15 years of using DVDs, this is the first time I have had a exploding disc. Or one that broke a player. Never even knew this was possible. Now I read how fast the discs spin inside, and that a hairline crack is the most dangerous because you cannot see what's happening until its too late after inserting it into your drive. I experienced cracked discs in the mail, and hear about them, but figured that it can happen and no big deal, just send it back for another one. But what about the ones that you cannot see the deadly damage? Russian Roulette with your dvd drive? $100? $200? More? I just wanted to let other Netflix customers know the risks of getting movies in the mail in a paper envelope. I'm sure they get dropped and stepped on along the way to and from customers. This risk is practically zero when you rent at a kiosk dvd vending machine like Redbox at your grocery store, or your traditional walk-in rental. A broken disc would quickly be noticed. Discs are rented and transported in hard plastic jewel boxes. You may even want to consider playing your Netflix dvds in a older dvd player you have so if it does damage your player, at least it won't be a $200 Blu-Ray player like mine. Or what if I had put it in my HD DVD player, which are no longer sold. Shudder. Take care people and good luck. Needless to say, I'm canceling my Netflix and going back to my grocer's $1 kiosk with safer jewel cased enclosed discs.
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Netflix is a Walmart like Company

My daughter was an employee of Netflix for 5+ years and worked her way up to management. They promoted her and moved her halfway across the country only to "let her go" because her regional manager did not like the way she dressed and did not wear make-up. This is a common practice and it is well known that an employee will never retire from Netflix. She is a single Mom with 2 children and is now 1500 miles from home and wondering when or if she can get another job. Because of their practice of treating employees as dispencible commodities, I will no longer do business with Netflix, just as I have never set foot in a Walmart. ANY OTHER EX NETFLIX EMPLOYEES OUT THERE?
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Enumclaw, Washington

Holds back most popular new films on my list

Netflix is discriminating against me, a longtime and frequent user. They appear to be withholding newest and most popular movies on my list for weeks bouncing back and forth between "very long wait" and "short wait." Meanwhile, my friends who use it infrequently (only a couple of times per month) receive them as soon as they become available, even when they add them to their list weeks after I have. I suspect a new marketing device as this never used to happen. Talking to the customer service person was no help as her answer applied only to infrequent users and not to my case at all. Kate
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:sigh Netflix used to be a great source to watch always have movies in the house. But more and more I'm paying to wait for movies we want to see.

I understand once in awhile but I have over 10 movies on my list that have been on the "short wait" list for over a month. I can order what I want when I'm ready to watch on FIOS for less per month.


there are way to trick the system. i have called about video not getting here fast enough like new releases they recommended that you send your moves back friday so monday you will get whats on the top of your list.


It's a very, very common complaint that customers experience longer and longer wait for movies, especially new releases. What happened to the previewed movies for sale at Netflix?

Wasn't that how they were supplying the demand for newer movies in the early days? Long time customer of Netflix, liked a mix of movies but unfortunately that included some new releases and that wasn't happening within any reasonable time period (3 months or more from release date!). Cancelled our membership when we kept running out of movies we truly wanted to see. and seem to be telling the good, holding back on the bad by failing to report on this very common complaint. Potential customer beware.

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Netflix charges customers for dvds even when they are returned.

Netflix let me cancel my "trial membership" but says I did not return my one dvd that I tried. I returned it 3 days after receiving it and before I cancelled my membership. They have now charged my bank account. When you use their return envelope and just drop it in the mail at the post office you have NO PROOF that you did indeed return it and they can just say you did not and charge you. I believe this is where they make a lot of money. Probably where their dvds for purchase come from!This is unfair!
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Netflix edits movies!!??

I am a loyal customer of netflix, and generally I like their service. But,they seem to have trouble getting decent, series television on their instant play, such as "The Wire" which has been off the air for some time, plus OZ, Etc. Do thhey have a problem with HBO? Next, but definitely not last, I recently watched a "special edition" of Aliens, the second installment in the Alien movies. They butchered it! I thought it was supposed to add scenes? They took out important ones! Like the scene at Hadleys Hope, where it shows the colonists, finding the derelict alien spacecraft. It was in the original! My VCR tape has several scenes they deleted from the "special Edition" What's up with that? Also, I have to wait for the other alien movies to come in the mail, because only one is available instantly! Way to tease me, Netflix!!! Look, if a movie or series has been out on DVD for three or more month's, it should be available, instantly, in order to keep up with demand for new movies. Right?
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It's not just movies. Here's another one...

was watching The West Wing, finally on Netflix (thanks WB). Watching the season one episode "The Short List" where at least one whole scene was cut... the confrontation between Judge Harrison and Charlie Young. It was a pivotal scene that was cut...

and it's not like they need to do it to make room for more commercials. This is outrageous! I've watched this episode (the whole series, actually) several times on DVD... I know this was cut.

All this shows is that I can't trust Netflix...

how much else have I watched that's been cut without my knowledge. If they're going to edit, they need to say so up front!


Netfix def edits movies. We wanted to watch 70's sexploitation movies for laughs ans all the sexploitation and crude language and nudity were cut.

Why else would épée watch that stuff? BTW, movies in question were The Van and H.O.T.S.


i was watching undercover brother and part of the scene in the cigarette board room was edited (content was of sexual nature)

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Corpus Christi, Texas
Netflix Dvd Rental

Broken and scratched DVDS

Netflix service has taken a turn for the worse. visibly broken DVDs and scratched DVDs should make you think twice about signing up for this service. the last 2 DVDs were broken in half. And when I called to share these issues, they told me they could tak $6 off my bill. $6 - really? That's not enough to keep my business. I'll be looking for other DVD suppliers very soon. I guess they need 100 words to satisify their post so I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I there.
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Recently, DVDs we have received from both Netflix and Blockbuster have been mysteriously broken in half since my wife put up a Romney/Ryan Sign in our front yard by the mailbox. We never had a problem for months before the sign went up. Gee, I wonder what could be causing this?


When I was with Netflix about every 10th disk sent had a problem with skips or defects that prevented playing them. That and the price hike twice this year made me dump them.


I can't believe that Netflix advertises on this site. I'm cancelling my subscription tomorrow.

Four of the last 7 I've received were unplayable. I can't help but wonder if they were returned unusable last week by someone else and then just recycled to me.


really? I've only had one problem - the disc was scratched and kept skipping.

I reported it to Netflix and they knocked off $4 - seeing as I only pay $8 a month, that's pretty good, I'd say.

I returned it and put it on my *** - got it in a couple days. Seems fair enough to me.

it's just a movie, afterall


Duh. No kidding.

Anyone knows that. Did you ever stop to think that the DVD's were already broken by someone else and the poster received them in that condition?


The DVD's would not be broken in half if you were careful. Does not mater what DVD suppliers you use, if you are not careful with them they will break.

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Parkville, Maryland

Netflix sucks

I am also having issues with Netflix. When I first joined about 4 months ago all was well and they were sending me the new releases quite quickly. Well now I have had it with them. My first 3 videos are new releases and have been waiting on at least 2 of them for over a month. Well still nothing so forget this I am switching to blockbuster. Better service and at least you get the DVD you want quicker and they come out sooner that Netflix. I am fed up with these guys.Long waits and new releases take forever to get
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I was thinking of joining "Netflux you over" and changed my mind after reading some of the complaints. Thanks for saving me the frustration.


Net flix works well if you know how to work the system. when to send your moves back to get the new ones (send them in on friday and on monday they send new ones they go from the top of your que and if they dont have the top they move down.

. how amny items to have on your que to better chances.


Good Luck with Blockbuster. They are on the list of 10 buisinesses that are predicted to go under.

Not to insult your intelligence, but with New Realeases there could be a substantial backlog on those titles.

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Oslo, Oslo

Netflix is so not what they say it is!

I signed up for the free Netflix for a month because all of the video stores are going out of business. I liked the whole instant streaming video idea. I was hoping it was like On Demand but better because it would have more choice. What a joke! They don't have *** for streaming video (new or old). I wanted Young Victoria (released last week), don't have it. I tried Gigi (1959), do't have it. What a waste. I'd rather go to the video store and get a movie when I want it. I am going to cancel my account until they leap into the 21 st century.
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I have had Netflix for over 2 years and we used to be able to stream different movies in different rooms... The have made it now so you can only stream one..

as soon as I find an alternative that allows you to stream more I will switch.

I am very unhappy. Going to check out blockbusters.


I was considering Netflix but the reviews are scaring me. Has anyone tried Blockbuster for comparison?


I have had netflix for about three months.

Have not had major problems with them.

I have gotten on broken disc from them.

Its an older movie the movie Duel.

Also. another couple of disks were scratched.

I think they throttled me on my last shipment of dvds.

I got two at once but they one of them should have been mailed a day sooner.

Ill keep my eye on it.

If they throttle me I will cancel my subscription.


you do realize that if you just put the movies you want into your ***, you get it within 2 days, usually only 1 day? if the movie you want to watch isn't available to watch instantly, will it ruin your precious little existance to wait a day? jesus.


I think some people sign up for Netflix thinking that they have everything. What I have found is that they have tons of movies for instant streaming but most of them are pre-90's movies.

When I spoke with one of the Netflix Customer service reps I asked him why they didn't have more of the new movies for streaming. After they get the movie on DVD then there is a long process they have to go through to get a license from the movie studio it was released from.

We canceled out DTV and got Netflix because you can watch just about any of the episodes of the TV shows that we normally watched on DTV. So why pay $59.00 a month when we can pay less then $15 a month and get a DVD every few days and watch streaming video on all of our TV's via our BluRay players, Xbox, and computers.


The problem is not that they don't have the movies they don't have them for streaming. So the complaint was this person didn't want to wait for them to be mailed.

The instant viewing is so over rated, there's very little worth watching and unless you are the type that can sit through anything its not worth it.


:eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek


Um, if you do a search on the Netflix website, you'll see they have both those movies.

I'm a Netflix subscriber and have never had a problem with them.

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Detroit, Michigan
Netflix Account

Netflix ships bad blu-ray disc

Having continued problems with netflix blu-ray discs, I suspect they do not check the discs for damage after somebody has reported a problem. We are getting a 50% fail rate and most have obvious damage and extremely dirty discs. Good customer service and quick shipping but if they want us to remain customers they need to start removing the discs people claim are damaged. I have started going at the bad ones with a big permanent marker, hopefully that removes them from circulation. Customer service will send out replacements immediately and send you a few extra free discs, but when they fail to play as well you just get more pissed :)
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The same issue here, you watch half a movie and then ***, kinda ruines the evening if you ask me. I may cancel if it happens again, my time is more valuable then being frustrated on Saturday night.

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Eureka, Montana

I am being charged for netflix, did not order it ever

My credit card has been charged 2 months in a row on 3/24 and 4/24 for your netflix, I did not order this, how did you get my credit card number? This was disputted in march, and I thought it was taken care of then, what do I need to do to set this straight. You had better come up with a logical answer, you have a pretty good reputation, maybe you would like to have some changes done to that.!!!!! This is crazy, gove me my address if I've ordered movies, and what are the ones I ordered???
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Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Netflix - Poor customer service- "very long wait"

I have had a movie in the first position in my *** for over 4 months and have not received it yet. Netflix received my last movie 3 business days ago and has not sent out another movie since all the movies in my *** are listed as "very long wait". It is a waste of money to pay for a service when they are not sending the movies on time. I called customer service and they told me there was nothing they could do since they don't have enough copies of the movies and that I should add more movies to my ***. This was not helpful.
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"VERY LONG WAIT" is now the norm for all new releases and many older titles, too. Naturally, most of these titles are NOT available for streaming. Not from Netflix, anyway.

Clearly, Netflix wants out of the dvd business but is no longer risking bold changes that might (further) alienate its customers. Instead, it seems that they want to drive their current dvd customers away. I've already reduced my plan from 7 disks to 5 and now 3.

Netflix was a great service while it lasted. It no longer is.


For months now I was hoping it was just an error and you'd catch it but this is ridiculous. I have not used your service nor do I intend to.

I want my money returned to my acc't and to be taken completely off your records. It's been about 8 or 9 months. I did NOT order this.

Not being able to get the movie I would want when I would want it is why I would never try your service. Thank you.


You people are babies there are obviously more people that you seven who want the same movies. Does it make any business sense to buy 1000 copies of Secretariat when in a year they will be stuck with 900 copies. Move on, be patient or cancel the service.


I too have had Secretariat at the top of my *** for longer than I can remember. I even created a second account and put only that movie in its ***, having read that it sometimes helps.

No luck. Someone wrote, "so...pick some movies that don't have a long wait?

is it really that hard?" In its earlier days, Netflix didn't have this problem. Providing enough copies to meet customer demand: is THAT really so hard???


I too have had Secretariat at the top of my *** longer than I can remember. I even split into two accounts and put it alone in the second account to see if it would move faster.

No such luck.

Someone said, "so...pick some movies that don't have a long wait? is it really that hard?" In its earlier days, Netflix didn't have this problem.

Providing enough copies to meet the demand. Is THAT really so hard??


Netflix is a joke - all current releases (though put on *** weeks ago) "very long wait" - this includes "The Fighter", "Secretariat", MI5 season 8 disc 1, MI5 season 5 disc 1, "Fair Game", "A Married Woman" - etc., etc.

Bait and switch.


you would think if there are big movies coming out they would buy more than a few copies of a movie to send out


My (admittedly self-defeating) solution is;

one month before I shut down Neflix, I take all six movie rentals, open them, seal them back up, ship them back the same day. Do the same when the next set comes.

It's true I won't get the movies I want, but then I'm not getting them anyway. And for the final rental month I can at least cost Netflix more than they made off of me.


This is becoming a common issue with Netflix. I have had a movie in the number one position of my *** for over six months now.

My *** has 17 movies in it. 12 are on some sort of wait, and 5 are not yet released. I have been a Netflix customer for over 5 years, and pay extra for one of the higher volume rental plans. Netflix still feels the need to "throttle" my account, essentially restricting which movies I can readily see and how many movies I ultimately end up being sent.

I only average 12 movies per month, which is far from excessive.

I am getting tired of adding movies to my *** that I really don't want to see just to have movies for Netflix to send me while I wait 6 months for the ones I rally want to watch.

I sympathize with Ocstudent1o and would suggest a letter sent to Netflix headquarters addressed to the CEO Reed Hastings. If enough people start complaining it may bring more attention to the issue and bring about some sort of resolution.


so...pick some movies that don't have a long wat? is it really that hard? You're not the only person who wantsthe movies, so you'll just have to wait.

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