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Netflix edits movies!!??

I am a loyal customer of netflix, and generally I like their service. But,they seem to have trouble getting decent, series television on their instant play, such as "The Wire" which has been off the air for some time, plus OZ, Etc. Do thhey have a problem with HBO? Next, but definitely not last, I recently watched a "special edition" of Aliens, the second installment in the Alien movies. They butchered it! I thought it was supposed to add scenes? They took out important ones! Like the scene at Hadleys Hope, where it shows the colonists, finding the derelict alien spacecraft. It was in the original! My VCR tape has several scenes they deleted from the "special Edition" What's up with that? Also, I have to wait for the other alien movies to come in the mail, because only one is available instantly! Way to tease me, Netflix!!! Look, if a movie or series has been out on DVD for three or more month's, it should be available, instantly, in order to keep up with demand for new movies. Right?
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It's not just movies. Here's another one...

was watching The West Wing, finally on Netflix (thanks WB). Watching the season one episode "The Short List" where at least one whole scene was cut... the confrontation between Judge Harrison and Charlie Young. It was a pivotal scene that was cut...

and it's not like they need to do it to make room for more commercials. This is outrageous! I've watched this episode (the whole series, actually) several times on DVD... I know this was cut.

All this shows is that I can't trust Netflix...

how much else have I watched that's been cut without my knowledge. If they're going to edit, they need to say so up front!


Netfix def edits movies. We wanted to watch 70's sexploitation movies for laughs ans all the sexploitation and crude language and nudity were cut.

Why else would épée watch that stuff? BTW, movies in question were The Van and H.O.T.S.


i was watching undercover brother and part of the scene in the cigarette board room was edited (content was of sexual nature)

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Corpus Christi, Texas
Netflix Dvd Rental

Broken and scratched DVDS

Netflix service has taken a turn for the worse. visibly broken DVDs and scratched DVDs should make you think twice about signing up for this service. the last 2 DVDs were broken in half. And when I called to share these issues, they told me they could tak $6 off my bill. $6 - really? That's not enough to keep my business. I'll be looking for other DVD suppliers very soon. I guess they need 100 words to satisify their post so I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I there.
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Recently, DVDs we have received from both Netflix and Blockbuster have been mysteriously broken in half since my wife put up a Romney/Ryan Sign in our front yard by the mailbox. We never had a problem for months before the sign went up. Gee, I wonder what could be causing this?


When I was with Netflix about every 10th disk sent had a problem with skips or defects that prevented playing them. That and the price hike twice this year made me dump them.


I can't believe that Netflix advertises on this site. I'm cancelling my subscription tomorrow.

Four of the last 7 I've received were unplayable. I can't help but wonder if they were returned unusable last week by someone else and then just recycled to me.


really? I've only had one problem - the disc was scratched and kept skipping.

I reported it to Netflix and they knocked off $4 - seeing as I only pay $8 a month, that's pretty good, I'd say.

I returned it and put it on my *** - got it in a couple days. Seems fair enough to me.

it's just a movie, afterall


Duh. No kidding.

Anyone knows that. Did you ever stop to think that the DVD's were already broken by someone else and the poster received them in that condition?


The DVD's would not be broken in half if you were careful. Does not mater what DVD suppliers you use, if you are not careful with them they will break.

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Parkville, Maryland

Netflix sucks

I am also having issues with Netflix. When I first joined about 4 months ago all was well and they were sending me the new releases quite quickly. Well now I have had it with them. My first 3 videos are new releases and have been waiting on at least 2 of them for over a month. Well still nothing so forget this I am switching to blockbuster. Better service and at least you get the DVD you want quicker and they come out sooner that Netflix. I am fed up with these guys.Long waits and new releases take forever to get
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I was thinking of joining "Netflux you over" and changed my mind after reading some of the complaints. Thanks for saving me the frustration.


Net flix works well if you know how to work the system. when to send your moves back to get the new ones (send them in on friday and on monday they send new ones they go from the top of your que and if they dont have the top they move down.

. how amny items to have on your que to better chances.


Good Luck with Blockbuster. They are on the list of 10 buisinesses that are predicted to go under.

Not to insult your intelligence, but with New Realeases there could be a substantial backlog on those titles.

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Netflix is so not what they say it is!

I signed up for the free Netflix for a month because all of the video stores are going out of business. I liked the whole instant streaming video idea. I was hoping it was like On Demand but better because it would have more choice. What a joke! They don't have *** for streaming video (new or old). I wanted Young Victoria (released last week), don't have it. I tried Gigi (1959), do't have it. What a waste. I'd rather go to the video store and get a movie when I want it. I am going to cancel my account until they leap into the 21 st century.
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I have had Netflix for over 2 years and we used to be able to stream different movies in different rooms... The have made it now so you can only stream one..

as soon as I find an alternative that allows you to stream more I will switch.

I am very unhappy. Going to check out blockbusters.


I was considering Netflix but the reviews are scaring me. Has anyone tried Blockbuster for comparison?


I have had netflix for about three months.

Have not had major problems with them.

I have gotten on broken disc from them.

Its an older movie the movie Duel.

Also. another couple of disks were scratched.

I think they throttled me on my last shipment of dvds.

I got two at once but they one of them should have been mailed a day sooner.

Ill keep my eye on it.

If they throttle me I will cancel my subscription.


you do realize that if you just put the movies you want into your ***, you get it within 2 days, usually only 1 day? if the movie you want to watch isn't available to watch instantly, will it ruin your precious little existance to wait a day? jesus.


I think some people sign up for Netflix thinking that they have everything. What I have found is that they have tons of movies for instant streaming but most of them are pre-90's movies.

When I spoke with one of the Netflix Customer service reps I asked him why they didn't have more of the new movies for streaming. After they get the movie on DVD then there is a long process they have to go through to get a license from the movie studio it was released from.

We canceled out DTV and got Netflix because you can watch just about any of the episodes of the TV shows that we normally watched on DTV. So why pay $59.00 a month when we can pay less then $15 a month and get a DVD every few days and watch streaming video on all of our TV's via our BluRay players, Xbox, and computers.


The problem is not that they don't have the movies they don't have them for streaming. So the complaint was this person didn't want to wait for them to be mailed.

The instant viewing is so over rated, there's very little worth watching and unless you are the type that can sit through anything its not worth it.


:eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek


Um, if you do a search on the Netflix website, you'll see they have both those movies.

I'm a Netflix subscriber and have never had a problem with them.

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Detroit, Michigan
Netflix Account

Netflix ships bad blu-ray disc

Having continued problems with netflix blu-ray discs, I suspect they do not check the discs for damage after somebody has reported a problem. We are getting a 50% fail rate and most have obvious damage and extremely dirty discs. Good customer service and quick shipping but if they want us to remain customers they need to start removing the discs people claim are damaged. I have started going at the bad ones with a big permanent marker, hopefully that removes them from circulation. Customer service will send out replacements immediately and send you a few extra free discs, but when they fail to play as well you just get more pissed :)
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The same issue here, you watch half a movie and then ***, kinda ruines the evening if you ask me. I may cancel if it happens again, my time is more valuable then being frustrated on Saturday night.

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Eureka, Montana

I am being charged for netflix, did not order it ever

My credit card has been charged 2 months in a row on 3/24 and 4/24 for your netflix, I did not order this, how did you get my credit card number? This was disputted in march, and I thought it was taken care of then, what do I need to do to set this straight. You had better come up with a logical answer, you have a pretty good reputation, maybe you would like to have some changes done to that.!!!!! This is crazy, gove me my address if I've ordered movies, and what are the ones I ordered???
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Netflix - Poor customer service- "very long wait"

I have had a movie in the first position in my *** for over 4 months and have not received it yet. Netflix received my last movie 3 business days ago and has not sent out another movie since all the movies in my *** are listed as "very long wait". It is a waste of money to pay for a service when they are not sending the movies on time. I called customer service and they told me there was nothing they could do since they don't have enough copies of the movies and that I should add more movies to my ***. This was not helpful.
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"VERY LONG WAIT" is now the norm for all new releases and many older titles, too. Naturally, most of these titles are NOT available for streaming. Not from Netflix, anyway.

Clearly, Netflix wants out of the dvd business but is no longer risking bold changes that might (further) alienate its customers. Instead, it seems that they want to drive their current dvd customers away. I've already reduced my plan from 7 disks to 5 and now 3.

Netflix was a great service while it lasted. It no longer is.


For months now I was hoping it was just an error and you'd catch it but this is ridiculous. I have not used your service nor do I intend to.

I want my money returned to my acc't and to be taken completely off your records. It's been about 8 or 9 months. I did NOT order this.

Not being able to get the movie I would want when I would want it is why I would never try your service. Thank you.


You people are babies there are obviously more people that you seven who want the same movies. Does it make any business sense to buy 1000 copies of Secretariat when in a year they will be stuck with 900 copies. Move on, be patient or cancel the service.


I too have had Secretariat at the top of my *** for longer than I can remember. I even created a second account and put only that movie in its ***, having read that it sometimes helps.

No luck. Someone wrote, "so...pick some movies that don't have a long wait?

is it really that hard?" In its earlier days, Netflix didn't have this problem. Providing enough copies to meet customer demand: is THAT really so hard???


I too have had Secretariat at the top of my *** longer than I can remember. I even split into two accounts and put it alone in the second account to see if it would move faster.

No such luck.

Someone said, "so...pick some movies that don't have a long wait? is it really that hard?" In its earlier days, Netflix didn't have this problem.

Providing enough copies to meet the demand. Is THAT really so hard??


Netflix is a joke - all current releases (though put on *** weeks ago) "very long wait" - this includes "The Fighter", "Secretariat", MI5 season 8 disc 1, MI5 season 5 disc 1, "Fair Game", "A Married Woman" - etc., etc.

Bait and switch.


you would think if there are big movies coming out they would buy more than a few copies of a movie to send out


My (admittedly self-defeating) solution is;

one month before I shut down Neflix, I take all six movie rentals, open them, seal them back up, ship them back the same day. Do the same when the next set comes.

It's true I won't get the movies I want, but then I'm not getting them anyway. And for the final rental month I can at least cost Netflix more than they made off of me.


This is becoming a common issue with Netflix. I have had a movie in the number one position of my *** for over six months now.

My *** has 17 movies in it. 12 are on some sort of wait, and 5 are not yet released. I have been a Netflix customer for over 5 years, and pay extra for one of the higher volume rental plans. Netflix still feels the need to "throttle" my account, essentially restricting which movies I can readily see and how many movies I ultimately end up being sent.

I only average 12 movies per month, which is far from excessive.

I am getting tired of adding movies to my *** that I really don't want to see just to have movies for Netflix to send me while I wait 6 months for the ones I rally want to watch.

I sympathize with Ocstudent1o and would suggest a letter sent to Netflix headquarters addressed to the CEO Reed Hastings. If enough people start complaining it may bring more attention to the issue and bring about some sort of resolution.


so...pick some movies that don't have a long wat? is it really that hard? You're not the only person who wantsthe movies, so you'll just have to wait.

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No refund of service

I just got off the phone with netflix.....I received a gift subscription for one year....but they want my credit card in order to start my already paid year of service. They will automatically renew my subscription at the end of one year if I don't refuse it in time. You know how that goes. I told them I didn't want the gift and to please refund my family member that had purchased me this gift. I was told that gift subscriptions are not refundable. I would have to let someone else use the service or after one year the subscription would be void. Absolutely no way to get any sort of a refund back to the purchaser of their product. I told them I would ask the purchaser to call his credit card company and refuse to pay this bill and state why. What a joke talking to this rep at netflix....he just kept right on trying to sell me more ***. I told him politely that I would never watch one of their movies and I can't wait to tell everyone what a bad experience I had with them and I never even got 1 movie from them. They suck
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was going to sign up with them, figured they were bs. saved me some cash. I'll stick with hulu.


They have every right not to give you your refund...

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Andover, Massachusetts
Netflix Subscription

Netflix is a BURN

Netflix is a total burn! Use to be they would send movies the same day they recieved the movies ,(and no , we did not turn them in the same day we recieved them) , NOW Netflix recieves what is sent back and sends the next set of movies out the following day , one one day, two the next day, indiscriminate . These are not new releases either. So , after the rest of this month, BYE BYE Netflix, another or your customers will take their business elsewhere . Grossly irritating, unreliable, false advertising , a total rip off. So back to Blockbuster or Hollywood for us!!
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After many years, I cancelled my netflix membership today. Most of my top 10 movies had been on my que for over 3 months!!!

I was only recieving movies that were 25+ on my que. They couldn't even tell me when I MIGHT recieve my top choices. Maybe another 3 months??? Some of the worst service that I have ever recieved, or more to the point, did not recieve.


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Las Vegas, Nevada

Netflix choice of movies

Nothing like creating their own pro and *** site. A good sign of not caring about consumers/customers is having no published phone numbers or making them not easy to find. I am very disappointed they don't have near the amount of movies from the past you would think should be available. They say they have thousands of movies, but there are plenty that are not available that should be. Yes, it is very, very disappointing there isn't a current list of NEW movies. Most all are old passed off as new movies if you can find them. That isn't a mistake. Netflix helped kill off the local stores and like EBay, they have slipped back into an inferior offering of services. Their service offered is good, but I had better only want high renters.
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Netflix have you waiting way to long for movies by the time you get them they are old like the choices they give you on instant play.They might of put other business out of business but remember you can go to the library in your area and get movies for free or even the red box at walmart for $1.00


Netflix's CEO and CFO have no interest in customer's frustration with experiencing an algorithm which provides only certain, few patrons with new releases. That leads to rampant anger toward Netflix's plan that locks out my *** from the top 12 releases waiting patiently for three months now in my *** and the dozen subscribers that I know who also constantly complain to one another about their dissatisfaction. Netflix is a monster business with a bad habit of not solving this growing dissatisfaction.


I dropped them like a hot potato after most movies had a forever waiting list. Customer service is a joke as their list of movies.

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Salida, Colorado
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Netlix no CC or Subtitles on steaming video

Purchased an Insignia Bluray player and Netflix web streaming player in order to download and stream movies in my home theater only to find when finally could talk to an actual person vs. "dot" selectons on their web site the Netflix Tech Rep tells me "they do not have the technology to include CC or subtitles in their system." For those of us who require these due to hearing disabilities this is a huge disappointment and probably is counter to the Federal Law requiring that such be provided. Why don't they include that informationPRIOR to having you purchase the system to download? Money wasted!
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:( The more we encourage the Netflix about the streaming movie issue, the better education they would get from us. Sighing.......


Thanks for posting this because I had been unable to get subtitles too but had not called Netflix about it. It is a great disappointment because we had gone to watching all TV with subtitles not only due to my hearing problem, but because accents, etc., sometimes make it difficult for even those with good hearing to understand what is being said in a movie. I am now having problems getting the bluray player to play subtitles on discs that have them and I am looking for a solution.


I agree that CC or subtitles is really needed. That said, my Cox cable "On Demand" PPV doesn't have CC or subtitles either.

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Dallas, Texas
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Net Flix - Bad Blu Ray Disks

I just bought a PS3 and since I have been a subscriber for some time, I started to order BluRay disks rather than the regular DVD;s. My first BluRay from Netflix was totally unplayable! The next one skipped half the story and now the third one I have ordered is skipping as well. I thought that maybe it was the PS3 but I went and purchased two BluRay disks and they play fine. I think that Net Flix doesn't pay attention to disks returned to them once they are out. They just ship them out again and again without any quality control to make sure the disk isn't damaged. Exactly how much time would it take to physically look at a disk to check for scratches and cracks? Come on Net Flix, get with it!
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I have been a customer of Netflix for over 5 years. I have only ever had a couple issues with DVDs and in those situations I received working replacements right away.

I have had a few problems with Blu Ray Discs though. The BDs I have had issues with are Mad Men, Precious, and Toy Story 3.

Mad Men Season ? - got a couple visibly damaged discs and received replacements very quickly.

Precious - Received 3 different BDs and none of them worked. Eventually just ordered it on DVD.

Toy Story 3 - The previews, menu, "short film" and other bonus features all played just fine. When it came time to play the movie, the Disney castle "intro" thing played, but the audio was totally scrambled throughout the whole movie. Got a replacement disc, and exact same thing. Waiting on the 3rd BD now, but might have to get it on DVD.

I have a hard time saying it's my BD player, since the intro and bonus features all played, along with all the BDs I own.

I've never had an issue with a BD purchased new from a store or rented from Blockbuster... only the BDs shipped from Netflix. This doesn't mean that I'll stop renting them from Netflix though.

I just hope their quality control improves :)

Gamefly uses an additional piece of cardboard for mailing and I've never received and bad disc from them.

Not sure if that would make a difference for DVDs and BDs though.


I am glad i came across this blog.

I had been netflix member for one yr.

I had blu ray issues meaning they wont play or broken disc but netflix wont accept. In may 2010 i switched to dvd's but later this month I thought to give one more try with blu ray.

When i switched to blu ray i started getting broken disc. When i called them they sent replacement disc which was again broken.

And again reporting the problem more replacement disc with bonus disc were sent to me. But for last two weeks i recieved 14 netflix discs. I have all 14 discs at my home ( including replacement and bonus discs) but unfortunately all are broken, 1/2 inch crack (full thickness at one edge) and none plays.

So today i got fed up, took refund for this month cancelled my service and switched to blockbuster. I have read good reviews regarding blockbuster and with 5 bonus instore exchanges i dont have to worry about disc getting damaged while being shipped.


We have about a 50% sucessful play rate on blue ray disks, most have visible damage and the last one had a huge crack in it, I don't believe half the disks im getting are damaged in the mail, i have started crossing off each disk and the label with a black marker writing bad disc on them... maybe that will help them get pulled from the line.


I wrote the "Net Flix - Bad Blu Ray Disks" and for those idiots who can't read: "I thought that maybe it was the PS3 but I went and purchased two BluRay disks and they play fine." And to "snowed in" I contacted Net Flix and described the problem and they said that damage happens by mailing all the time to Blu Ray disks because "they are so much more sensitive to damage"! All the unplayable disks were visably damaged and I asked Net Flix if they could take two seconds and look at the disks before they sent them out.

They said they do and I said BS! That is impossible considering how many damaged disks we were getting. I don't believe Net FLix customer service people as they have no idea how local distribution centers handle the disks! More corporate BS!

And to "hey mr ***"; wow you really showed me!

You are a real master of the English language aren't you? Listen *** if all your going to do is defend corporate America, why don't you get on the Glenn Beck show and suck his **** off!


i have a bluray player from walmart and i watch tons on blurays from netflix, never had a problem. where else do you really think your going to get them?


did the blurays have visible damage? if not maybe it is the player.

i just think your story is wierd because blurays and ps3 games have a coating to resist damage. i have a player from wal mart and i watch tons on blurays from netflix with no problem.


We've been customers for a few months now. We decided to start ordering the Blu-ray disks.

The 1st 2 Blu-ray worked ( or if they were even Blu-ray). Now the past 3 wont play.

I have no idea what user MS ME is talking about, this issue is about their disks not playing Blu-ray. Sucks, we've been very happy other than this.


I have been a netflix customer for several months and I love it. They have the best customer service I have ever experienced.

The discs come so quickly it is amazing and the watch it now feature is great. I find movies and tv shows there that I can't find anywhere else.

I have received a couple of bad discs too but they give you the option to report the disc and then send you an immediate replacement. I really can't say anything bad about their service

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Indianapolis, Indiana


When I first began using netflix it was great. I have the three DVD's at a time plan and I was sending/recieving them in about 3-4 days which means I was getting about 6 DVD's a week if I returned them the next day. Now I am lucky if I get 3 DVD's every two weeks! What is the problem?! Why does it all the sudden take 5 days to get a movie after I get the shipping notice email? Eventhough the email will say delivering for wednesday I won't get it untill the following monday (that is if I recieve it at all) I have been recently having problems with not recieving my movies at all and it is not theft as I always pick up my mail just after it is delivered. I am really disapointed in the service I have been getting and am seriously considering canceling my subscription.
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maybe the mail man takes ur movies watches them and then gives them to u and keeps the good ones


Throttle technique is indeed what that are up to. Trust me, I noticed the same pattern after being an on and off customer for years.

The postal system is not to blame (at least for the lack of prompt delivery...) The problem is from the netflix end. They are holding back the movies so you deliberately get fewer in a month.

Even though you send them back on time and note the receipt on your email. Following a strict procedure myself, I calculated this under controlled delivery circumstances, and netflix consistently sent me fewer movies, even though I know FOR SURE they were not delayed in the mail or some B-S like that...


What you described is known as "Throttle" technical. They analyze your turnover each month and if they notice that you are getting more than 15 movies a month then you divide that by your monthly subscription, and if they detect that they are not making money off you, they throttle you by slowing down your subscribe a month to get their profit back.

The difficult part is proving that it is the strategy they are actually using because if it is proven they can be in deep trouble with the law. Solution? Move over to Blockbuster because not only do you get faster service but you can bring your mail-in movie to local blockbuster and exchange it for store movie with no charge (up to 5 a month) with no due date.

I have been happy with Blockbuster and I am a movie freak so they satisfy my fix! I tried redbox for a month just to see if I could get most for my money but redbox suxks so I went back to Blockbuster!

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Saint Louis, Missouri
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Netflix ripoff

Netflix is continually doing this: Film goes to the top of my list as soon as the release date is posted. Release date comes and then wait. You are lucky to get a second choice release but this sometimes never comes and you start getting movies from further and further down your list. You forgot why they were on the list so you mail them right back, hoping to get your first choice movie. And then you wise up. You find yourself at Walmart or Walgreens or Safeway and you check out the DVD machine. Sure enough, that movie you've been waiting for is there for a dollar. So why am I still sending $18 a month to Netflix. I'm not. I'm cancelling until someone can convince me that they are getting enough copies to satisfy demand within at least two weeks.
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My story is that I have many monthly bills taken out of my checking account automatically so I don't have to worry about them each month. I admittedly am terrible about checking my email, which apparently gave them the right to automatically (without acceptance from me) increase my fee from approx $9 to $17 over the last 9 months.

I rarely (maybe 1-2) per month get DVD's. I called them and would have been happy to remain an instant watcher for the amount I had signed up for to begin with if they were willing to reimburse the overcharges. No go! Yeah, I'm sure it's in the fine print that the rate is subject to change and I'm sure that I am the only one to have not read that.

Anyway I'm mad and I'm done with them and I plan to spread the news to anyone that cares to listen. Happy movie watching everyone!


Netflix is a rip off. I understand that you wouldn't be able to view the newer movies, but not being able to view old favorite classics- seriously?

Every movie I thought of, I wasn't able to stream.

I even thought of unpopular movies. Besides foreign films, what exactly does Netflix allow you to stream??


:grin :) 8) :zzz :p :roll lets all sue netflix come on people join me in sueing netflix


Netflix has no problem charging me full price for my subscription, but try to add DVDs to the *** and there's a problem. It's not OK to charge for a service you're not providing.

I think that's called fraud. Cancelled my subscription, I'll be going to redbox like I was doing before I allowed Netflix to scam me.

And if you get a scratched DVD out of a redbox, call them, and they give you a free rental...fancy that. Excellent customer service, those guys.


Netflix had my card on file and charged it each month. My credit card company upgraded me and I believe I provided Netflix with the new card number.

They tried putting through my old number and it failed. They put my service on hold without contacting me first, even though this is probably their error. I called to find out what the problem was. We had trouble identifying it and, when we figured out what it was, I provided them with the new card number again.

The customer service representative said that she was putting the request through and I should have service in 15 minutes. Two hours later, I still did not have service. It turns out she was supposed to ask me for the security code on the back of the card. I asked why they did not call me back when they realized they forgot this information.

I was told they cannot make outgoing phone calls. HOW ***. It was their mistake and I spend all morning trying to fix it. Since I had to pull it out for that phone call, I lost the card and had to run around the house searching for it.

The supervisor I was on the phone with could not be bothered to wait for me to look for the card, even though it was their fault I had to take the card out a second time.

Then, to top it off, not a single person offered to comp me for my troubles. Really????


got new blue ray for the easy download fron netflix and all they got are the old movies i want to see new ones cancelled and going back to the old way rent from store save u money and just rent from store netflix SUCKS


Netflix recently took my subscription off vacation status & sent a movie, even though I had not authorized them to do so. I immediately cancelled my service with them, but they have not offered to return the money to my account.


My credit card info was stolen so I had to get a new credit card number while I was on a six-month gift subscription. Netflix checks your card each month and when they saw the card was no good they stopped my on-line viewing priviledges!! The six-month gift period waqs already paid for and they still turned off my subscription! How can you stop a subscription that is already paid for???

i spoke with customer service and then with a supervisor....she says they do not have the ability to turn it back on without a valid card. That have the ability, they just don't want to......the sign of a truly *** company!

They just lost a customer!


Netflix charged me during free period and I tried to explain but they will not remove the charge. I can't wait Walmart to come into the online movie arena so we can have more competitions and that will be good for customers. Monopoly creates bad customers service.


I recently moved from Arizona to Michigan, keeping my Netflix account open as I did so. Netflix Arizona was pretty good with sending the movies at the top of my list.

Not so much in Michigan.

I've had movies at the top of my list since October and they are still labeled as "Very long wait." It's now February, so what gives? These movies at the local video store are hardly considered new anymore!

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$18 Sends Fraudulent Delivery E-mail Notification for DVD Shipments

I have a single DVD monthly plan with Netflix. Their DVD Distribution Warehouse is situated 38 miles from my residence. For several months of my membership, I used to receive regularly 2 DVD's a week. For the last 3-4 weeks, I have been receiving one DVD a week. When questioned about this problem, they blame it on the US Postal Service. They give you no proof of when they ship the DVD to you. When we mail the DVD's back to them they receive it within one business day. But when Netflix ships out the DVD's to me it takes 3-5 business days for delivery to my address. We have deduced that they want to cheat us on our membership plan by sending one DVD per week when we should be receiving 2 DVD's a week as we are promptly sending them back their DVD's on time. Their customer service is cheap and outrageous as they argue with their clients non-stop without providing any resolutions or compensation. Beware of Internet Based Companies as they are prone to cheat their customers one way or another!
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For the most part I haven't had any serious issues with Netflix but recently I had one dvd that never showed up and after reporting it missing, they sent a replacement but kept moving the ship dates back, saying that my nearest facility didn't have any more. I eventually got the replacement copy and then got a notice they they had received the missing copy back.

I returned the replacement copy and lo and behold the next on my list hasn't shown up as per shipping dates. I live only about an hour from the nearest shipping facility and it has never taken more than one day for them to recieve the titles back after I have returned.

It seems rather odd to me that there are so many supposed problems with the USPS getting the movies to us but none getting them back to the company

I also believe Netflix does this to limit how many we can get a month even though it clearly states "unlimited". I am on the one-at-a-time plan and at this rate I'm only getting 2 dvds a month which would make my plan almost 5 bucks per title which is definately no bargain compared to my local rental shop


I have been with Netflix for 5 years. I send my movies off and they receive them within a day.

They send me replacement movies the same day and I receive them in 1-2 days.

I love Netflix. I would say it is the Netflix Center that you use.


NM...brain ***..Jan 4 2009 LOL


I've had Netflix for a year and have never had a problem with the dvd shipment, online viewing and the tv watching. Dvd's get here in 1-2 days and my facility is 40 miles from me.

Homepage, try login box and under it forgot login info...'re from the future. Your post says April 1, 2009. April fools joke??


Does anyone know how I can retrive my user name and password from Netflix? It says it is wrong!

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