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Many of you may have noticed that your 7.99 ultimate streaming plan where you could watch more then movie on more then one device is now no longer available. Netflix has managed to do what many other companies do, rob you.

very one who has the 7.99 membership is now only allowed to watch on one device. Thanks Netflix. Now, in order to have more devices able to watch at one time you must pay MORE. I use to be an avid believer in Netflix, but I now will take my business somewhere else.

I enjoyed being able to watch my movies on my phone in one room, while my other family members could watch them in another. I hope you go bankrupt Netflix.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netflix Membership.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #833579

Netflix also sent everyone an e-mail that guaranteed the rate for two years, as long as you were a member when they upped the rates. I confirmed this by calling their customer service. Maybe you should give them a call and get actual clarification on the issue.


Unfortunately Netflix was forced to enact this policy as people were sharing one ID and password for multiple family members/friends living in different houses and even states. It's a case of a few bad people ruin it for everyone.

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