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I used to sing praises of Netflix, but of late they keep reducing services to suit THEIR agenda leaving me, a veteran customer, out to dry.

My first disappointment was the removal of the "I don't want to see this anymore" button. Even back then they had lots of content, and there's crap I would simply *never* watch. Alas, it was a minor inconvenience, and the hassle was forgiven.

Then they removed the re-numbering mechanic of the My List queue making organizing My List a pain in the butt. But I once again submitted and forgave.

The next disgruntled eyebrow-rise was their replacement of the star-rating system with a near worthless thumbs-up/down system and %-match. This clearly suits only THEM by removing low-star ratings being right there in the front-end. A greater inconvenience, but, I could at least dig deeper, into the text-reviews, to determine if I should spend precious time on any of the numerous shows/films available...

... but then shortly after that they killed reviews, saying no one uses them. But that is ENTIRELY THEIR FAULT; it was THEY who made them available only to PC users. Now I have to hunt online to see reviews, turning Netflix watching from fun-experience into a chore... just so their content won't show any bad reviews.

NOW they are upping adverts everywhere. Frequently burying the My List & Continue Watching rows way down below a monstrous header-advert, and a double-height banner row.

*** I can't even watch Netflix on my PS4 anymore because EVERY selection I try to browse auto-loads a trailer. It's utterly insufferable.

So in conclusion, I am at the end of my tolerance with this company. The next time they remove a service or add an inconvenience will very likely be the last time we do business together.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netflix Streaming Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Netflix movie selection for the past 2 years is horrible. In the past 8 months it's pure *** .

Looking to switch. .