Johannesburg, Gauteng
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Netflix hasn't been loading whenever I open it the whole day. It doesn't even do the circle loading thing.

I just stare at a blank screen with red Netflix letters forever. I have to restart my computer several times before the circle loading thing comes up and then that takes forever too. It just loads and loads. Then when it does eventually decide to take me to my home page when I decide to watch something it continously gets stuck.

Like wtf actually. Can you please fix your ***

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Fix the damn problem.

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I suspect your internet connection is at fault, eg., slow download speed or you have some program which blocks ads, etc. like Blur, or Ublock Origin enabled.

The usual problem is not Netflix but at your end. You might want to have someone more experienced with computers help you or try accessing Netflix with another computer. If the same thing happens on your connection, then you can suspect your connection is at fault.

One test is to access your Netflix account from a friends home with his internet and see if it loads properly, etc. If it does, then most assuredly it is your machine or connection speed that is at fault.