Dear Pissed Department:

I would not describe myself as a pissed consumer, but the fact that you would have the audacity to call a paying customer 'pissed' is indicative of the unprofessional service I received from Den and Bes, i.e., Netflix staff in the Philippines. I called yesterday because Netflix charged my bank account twice in one month (the second time this has occurred).

After a 40-minute call, I no longer have Netflix (not my decision, but Netflix's). They essentially accused me of giving my password to others (a password I barely remember myself). I heard on NPR that you are trying to address this issue. A simple notice, or some type of communication, to all your consumers would have been a better way to handle this issue.

So this so called 'pissed' consumer is thankful for other streaming service options, because I will never use Netflix again. I hope that others will feel the same and Netflix will continue to lose money in the coming quarters.

Never Again Customer

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: New York, New York

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