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I just watched a Netflix movie via streaming the internet. The movie was titled, "Johnny B Good", a 1988 comedy starring Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr., and Paul Gleason...and it was "CENSORED".

I could not believe it! I even dug out my dvd copy of the same movie, "Johnny B Good", a movie that I bought at store years ago just to see if in fact I was correct. And, I was scenes were completely omitted. I contact Netflix and asked them about this, and their Representative was understanding to my concern, but offered no help or answers to why Netflix is furnishing censored and edited movies on their site, but not informing their customers of their actions.

If I wanted to watch censored movies, or television for that matter, I would watch regular and FREE T.V....Oh! wait Crackle is free and they show unedited and uncut movies.

This is not the first movie I have run across that expected to be censored/edited, but this was the first one that I had my own dvd copy a movie to compare it too. I it is bad enough that they show edited/censored movies and charge for it, but to do so and try to pawn them off as unedited is just wrong.

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Hancock is censored as well. One scene missing. I'm very disappointed in Netflix and I'm definitely quitting.


Way more then 1 scene


They have removed season 2 ep 15 the uncle rukus reality show and ep 4 season 3 jimmy rebel from The Boondocks. Netflix censoring tv shows wtf.......


Netflix edited the *** out of Talledega nights! They cut half the movie up!!


Archer is heavily censured a number of religious jokes are removed entirely as well as many other areas that i noticed


They did this with a marcom in the middle episode 'watching the baby'. There is a scene where dewy dances with a ribbon to distract louise, and sings a song that goes 'Tell me when will you be mine?

quando quando quaanndooo" And they erased the song.

Now it's just him dancing with the ribbon. Weird thing to remove, and makes it less cute and funny.


*MALCOM in The Middle, sorry


Netflix definitely cuts sections out of streaming movies. I just watched To Kill a Mocking Bird which I have seen many times.

Netflix definitely cut a section where the bad guy spits in Atticus's face. Just was not there in the Netflix version. This sucks bigtime and I'm dropping my Netflix subscription because of this.

It has happened on other occasions as well. Bye bye Netflix.


You guys, seriously. All of you.

Stop it.

Netflix isn't advertising raw, uncut, straight from the original reel video.

They also aren't editing anything.

They have agreements with the content owners who give them said content. If THEY censor it, it's up to them.

A lot of the stuff on Netflix is based on more recent releases or are syndicated versions of TV shows.

Netflix has no control over this.

Seriously. Just stop it.


I agree but crackle isn't free either, every 15 minutes is a commercial.


I'm almost 100% sure that with the TV shows, you are getting the syndicated version of the show. In other words, you are getting the version that was trimmed up and slashed down to meet other channel's commercial schedule.

This is opposed to the DVD/Bluray versions of the shows. It sucks, but it's better than buying every season of your tv show....


Orange is the new black shows *** but they will block out the f bomb. Even this *** site censors.

They censored the word c r a p. And its not even a cuss word.


Its that FCC ***. I wish we where treated like true Americans and could watch whatever we want.


So I was just watching the Family Guy episode from season 5 where Peter goes back in time to when he's 18, there was a scene where they're at the clam and Brian hits on this girl whose boyfriend is the "quintessentially 80's guy" who (in the original) challenges Brian to name a time and place to fight, so Brian's response is "on top of the World Trade Center, 8:45 am, September 11th, 2001"; the guy says "I'll be there, you don't think I'll remember, but I will". In the netflix version, the scene cuts right after you see the 80's guy so it's like they setup a joke and decided to bail on the punchline


I have thought about a lot, and really think that some legal action should be taken against Netflix for what they are doing. We, Netflix subscribers, were not informed or aware of Netflix's practice of showing edited content and trying to pass it off as unedited material.

I have spoken to Netflix representatives several times and they say that they do not show edit programs...but if you wish to watch an unedited version of "x" program then join Netflix DVD rental program. My response was, "What!". T.V. networks alert you to edit content or editing for allotment of time.

I believe Netflix should be held accountable for their misrepresentation.

Who agrees?

If you agree, would you be interested in joining in the lawsuit? Let me know what you think...


Netflix is almost certainly not the one editing these. Seriously, go try to sue them and see how far you get.

They take what the content owners give them. There is no conspiracy here, and you sound like a lunatic.


Watching top gear and on tv they beep swearing out but when jeremy just said oh of *** sake I started wondering


I'm watching Mad Max right now, and appears to be heavily censored/edited. I have the original and many of the graphic scenes are missing. If I'm paying, it should be for original unedited uncensored movies


If you have the original, why don't you watch that?


Just watched a season 6 episodd of Psych and noticed the episode was edited