As a father of three grade school children, I have been a subscriber of Netflix since I can last remember and this includes when the company had mail in rentals. In recent years, I have seen a major shift away from certain types of programming, with some racial overtones.

These are typically stereotyping minorities and while some are simply reflecting the culture and historical times, and do not deserve to be censored, other I can understand in doing so. Netflix, however, has engaged in a consistent and transparent campaign to vilify not only American history, but to somehow rewrite history and more so, has adopted an anti-white premise that assumes it is OK to discriminate against a certain race due to history. This is just as hurtful and absurd as slavery and Jim Crow as well as slave ownership that occurred globally and was encouraged by all races in a means to own labor. Netflix has adopted theories of critical race theory and supported radical, political movements, such as BLM, to simply profit and play into the political climate of left wing zealots.

This is not only shameful, as Netflix has an ethical obligation to present material that does not promote censorship or harmful ideals.

This is especially true when it comes to child programming.

I will remind Netflix that it's primary base is middle class Americans whom do not agree with the negative race baiting and radical ideals the streaming service is offering.

I am writing to advise you that I have been contacted by a local constituency in my Boston, MA area that has already garnered over a 100k signatures in less than 3 months to bring a civil rights violation against Netflix for promoting violent and harassment against white families and for promoting minorities as somehow less than human as victims being born of another, non-white race. These are civil rights violations and there will be legal consequences for this type of reprehensible and violent ideology aimed at singling out people based on race.

Joseph Young

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Location: Medfield, Massachusetts

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