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I do not stream. I am not a tech-savy girl and I liked to get the disk and throw it in my DVD player.

I was fairly pleased with my Netflix service- not thrilled but it worked ok for me. It did seem like I could only find good movies by typing in the movie title--- I thought it was just me but now realize that is a major complaint. Anyway 1 year ago I left for a military deployment. I came home and restarted my netflix about 3 months ago.

Since I have been resumed my service I get one bad disk after another. Literally cracked once to huge scratches and Knicks in the disk. I have called and complained multiple times and they said they would put a flag on my file to "hand check" CDs before they are sent since literally I got 2 CDs of the same title which were so bad they would not play. They said - we will send you extra disks to compensate--- never happened.

Now- yet another damage DVD. I wrote all this last disk- they have to be sending out bad disks that customers Flag as bad. I think the company must be on "steal money" mode before folding.

I cannot explain why else they would continue to be sending me crappy product with horrible customer service and lie after lie. Netflix cancelled!!!

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I very rarely receive a bad disc but when I do I just report it and they ship me another one no and I usually receive the replacement within a couple of days. I have seen discs that work fine in one player and do not work in another player so that might be the reason the send the bad disc I sent back out.


I knew they were recycling disks that must be marked bad by other customers! Your marking the disks and sending them back and requesting a new one proves my suspicions.

Thanks for the tips!

My current subscription month will be ending and I will be looking for a better system--- your tips are very good for me to use until my time ends. Thanks!


I have been with netflix for some 5 years now and every so often receive a disk that is cracked, broken or scratched. One trick you should know: when you get a bad disk, immediately report it and request another.

Then, DO NOT return the bad disk to netflix for a couple of days. Netflix will, as soon as you report the bad disk and request a replacement, tell you they will send another. Then, when they do send it(within a couple of days, usually the next day)you send the bad one back to them. At the beginning, I got consecutive bad disks and finally put a mark on them before returning.

Sure enough, I got the bad disks with my mark on them. Netflix was sending me back the bad disks I sent them!! That's why you do not want to send the bad disk back too soon. I have been rather impressed with Netflix, except in the area of customer service.

Actually, there is really NO customer service, but their business seems to run very very efficiently---except when they apparently hire lazy people who do not do their jobs and check the returned disks. My particular pet peeve are the dopes who must use DVDs as coasters for coffee cups. The DVD is scratched, dirty, and sometimes I have to clean them thoroughly before they play---again, crappy Netflix quality control by lazy employees who don't bother to inspect the DVDs. All in all, tho, I also suggest DVDFAB as one means to further enjoy your DVD viewing.

This cheap program, which you can download and try for free for one month allows you to make a backup of your personal DVDs.

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