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On 2 different occasions, my husband has tried to order the Netflix 30-day free trial. On both occasions, Netflix has sent at least 2 damaged discs which has shortened his free trial.

Either the discs don't play at all or they freeze in the middle of the disc.

Since my husband had cancelled his subscription, he told me to try to give Netflix another try as I hadn't had any problems with them before-I just ran short on money. I talked to a representative about it and he said that I should be able to get a FREE 30-day trial to reactivate my account since my husband had cancelled his. I signed up yesterday and today was checking my bank account online.

My free trial was charged the very FIRST day for a full month. What happened to the free trial?

They would not work anything out with me.

Please do NOT believe that you actually receive a FREE trial anymore! They used to be upstanding, but have hit rock bottom now.

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Hollywood, Florida, United States #963888

Same thing happened to me. Netflix scammed me with a free month and charged that month to my account.

Netflix would not refund my account!

Would not let me talk to an authorizing supervisor. Hope their stock falls along with their policy and scams.


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You are wrong toddie boy.They are ripping people off.They can check the validity of a credit card without posting a charge.Same thing happened to me.Now get back to work stuffing dvds into envelopes.


It is a free trial. They did the same thing with me, but the initial charge is to verify that you are not some liar.

They want to verify that you are the actual person you claim to be. They also want to see that your CC information isn't full of prunes as well.

You will see that your charge is only a pending charge but it will not post to your account. You got your undies in a bundie over nothing.

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