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Netflix sent us the wrong DVD, one that was #6 on our list.After waiting several minutes for their phone Customer Service, I was told that I'd ordered a series of discs and there was a delay with the first one, so they went ahead and sent another one.

No apology; and they made it clear that they had no intention of doing anything about it until I sent back the wrong disc.

They took no responsibility for it whatsoever and showed no real interest in solving the problem.I'd rate their customer service at least a minus-10.

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I wouldn't think loss of service and complaining about it is 'being a baby'.When they send the wrong dvd, you send it back...they send the next one...and...four days have passed.

You pay for that.

You lost a few viewing days because of their mistake.A credit or refund would be a courteous thing to offer, in my opinion.


Do not be a baby.They may not have the disc available at the time it moves to your number one spot and will send you the next available.

Leave the one you want in the number one spot and when it becomes available they will send it to you.Is this what you do when things don't go your way you start whinning?

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