August 8, 2011

Here I am watching an episode, ready to go to the next episode and, once again, Netflix dumps out! What's with you guys?

Why can't you pull it together? If I can get Pandora, Amazon, etc., why are you telling me my internet connection is not working? Why don't you all try working harder and it is no compensation to receive a 3% discount for your failure.

What a joke Netflix now wants to charge more - for what? And, of course, all phone lines are down also - don't want to hear from irrate customers.

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I am new to Netflix. I have noticed that many movies will just stop short of finishing.

Leaving one to wonder what the ending was all about. I try to re watch the ending, but they just stop.

Many times I have to completely restart Netflix to continue the movie I was watching.

It does not completely leave one in a feel good mood when the movie or program is restarted over and over perhaps 4 to 6 times per viewing.


i see im not the only one with this problem netflix is really starting to suck this happens a lot.

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