Sonoma, California
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Movies are sent late and when they do not arrive on time, they have done away with being courteous and sending you replacements right away. Instead, they are now making you wait the full 3 days before you can make a report that your movies have not arrived.

That is one whole week before you can get any movies even if you have been a very long-time customer and have been regularly getting movies in your mailbox 2 times a week.

Instead of being even more courteous, they are playing hardball and getting worse in their service and approach to customers. No wonder their stocks are continuing to plummet and they are losing business!

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caroline I was watching Netflix yesterday then it just on my TV so i phone Netflix they told me Amazon I was change my email address pass word I still can get Netflix back on they said it so easy to sign in I still can do it


better try Stan


You need to restart Netflix I put in the right email and password it is not working


I need to know what to do when Netflix says this account doesn't match the account in our records when it is my account.


when I try to log in to Netflix it says this account doesn't match our records.


I have tried to log in and says stuff about the password is sensitive

So I changed password but still doesn't work then ask for me to put in a valid phone number which I do that, Swiss that doesn't match. Put credit card in says it doesn't match yet they take money out of it every month but still can't watch netflix. So you tell me what I do now?


When netflix had a delay in sending my movies the sent me an extra movie on my list and apologized for the delay and said due to the delay this movie is on us.