Netflix no longer allows me to login! I know the ID and Password are correct but it still tells me:

The login information you entered does not match an account in our records. Remember, your email address is not case-sensitive, but passwords are.

What makes it even more frustrating is that it will work on some of my devices but not others.

For example I can login in to netflix on my nintendo 3ds and ipad but I can no longer login on my laptop or iphone.

keeps telling me my password is wrong!

HELP! I know the password is right!

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This has just started happening to me.


I tried to reset but my reset password link isn't working either


same thing, but now instead of the error saying there's no email address associated, it's "Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later."


Same thing happening to me. I can log in from phone and laptop but it will not recognize my password on my Apple TV even after changing it at least 4 diff times and making all devices sign back in!!


Same here, tells me my details don't match their records but surprisingly they do when it comes to taking the direct debit!


Same here I had to go to Netflix account thru my browser and logout of all devices and change password on my computer bc it wasn’t fixing it on my iPhone or smart TV. Even though my password was correct.


It keeps saying .... Can't connect to netflixs ??


same i can't sign in i can't subscribe i can't reset my password plus i found my account on website at first it worked just fine i only changed the password 2 hours later problems begin


i found my account on a websiste , it worked just fine at the beggining i only changed the password an hour later it says incorrect password i can't sign i can't even subscribe or reset my password , any ideas


I cannot loggin either eventhough I'm sure my password is correct. The netflix app works fine on my tv or phone but not on my computer..

it says that my password is wrong...

I tried another account (of which I know the password too) and that one doesn't work either!! WTF is going on here?


Having an issue where the email and password are saved in google, so using the bookmark works. but when it comes to actually signing in its basically giving me the biggest *** ever summoned by man. I might be forced to cancel, and might not be getting Netflix back after this crap.


I just had the same there's no account with this email problem. Netflix can dance around saying their accounts are being hacked all they want, but telling me, "It looks like someone logged in and changed your information," means I got hacked.

My payment information still being secure doesn't make the fact that my account was compromised and reset okay and it's especially upsetting to realize this has been happening to customers for months. Their defense to me when I mentioned that was to read the netflix.com/security page and make sure to report any suspicious activity - which is what I was already doing.


i am also facing the same issue , my login id and password both are correct but it is still saying that the password is incorrect and asking me to reset.... Disgusting..


Same issue.


what the *** the same has been happening to me


Same thing happening to me!


I have the same issue


I had the same issues with not recognising my login details I ended up having to call Netflix and they told me it had been hacked emails and password had been changed and even the boxes for each user was changed to other address names.


Same here


Same thing happened to me, had to call and have my log in information changed even though it was saved so I know it wasn’t wrong. They claimed that “someone got access to my account information” sure... this was stupid and a waste of time.