Netflix no longer allows me to login! I know the ID and Password are correct but it still tells me:

The login information you entered does not match an account in our records. Remember, your email address is not case-sensitive, but passwords are.

What makes it even more frustrating is that it will work on some of my devices but not others.

For example I can login in to netflix on my nintendo 3ds and ipad but I can no longer login on my laptop or iphone.

keeps telling me my password is wrong!

HELP! I know the password is right!

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The same thing happened to me. The password is correct!

I gave up and reset my password and got in. Frustrating.


Said my email did not exist, yet it is the only email ever used for the account and I had just received a promotional email from Netflix at that same email. I had to call in.

Found out it was "recently updated" to a different language and all the profiles were updated to different names as well. You will need to have the payment card you have on file to regain access. They claim everything is your fault, not a *** on their end. Yet....

all of us having this issue now? No coincidence..


Does anyone at Netflix not read some of this crap. If they do they don't care.

This is hilarious. I went to their online help site.

Guess what... they want you to sign in!!!!


Currently having a similar issue. I know that its the correct email and password as I haven't changed it, and it still lets me sign in on my phone but says its incorrect when I try to use my computer.


im having the same trouble, i use the exact same credentials on my phone and it signs in just not on my laptop


We were mid episode and paused it and all of a sudden made us relogin and says email doesnt exist


That is exactly what happened to me


I have the same problem. It is super frustrating.

The ID and password are correct! They work sometimes and not other times, and on some devices but not other devices. This doesn't happen with HULU, HBO NOW, FUBO, or VUDU.

What's the problem, Netflix?? Has anyone from the company attempted to help with this issue, or are they simply ignoring the problem?


When you use a vpn or use netflix from multiple countries your account can get flagged for suspicious behaviour. If that happends Netflix will lock your account and you'll have to reset your password.

For some reason it keeps everything logged in, so you can keep using netflix. Only when you try logging in again it'll tell you your password is wrong (which it isn't).


That's true even among browser. Firefox doesn't log in because I clear everything when I sign out.

Two other browser where PW is saved and not cleared sign in perfectly. Not the first time I have had the problem probably because my daughter is my second screen and she lives out of town. She doesn't have the problem at her end because she never signs out.

Netflix has always had a f'ed up user interface. This is small potatoes.


Day 3 Still not letting me log back in saying that their isn’t a account with the email WTF Anyone got a fix


passed experience is there is no fix. reset your PW.

Hey....why not give 'em a call. ;-)


Same! Ugh this is so annoying


tried to login to netflix and it failed saying it was the wrong password or account name.. which weeks of using it I dont see how it was changed..

but after a few failed attempts it reset my password and had to make a new one.

now its STILL saying its not the right password.. checked spelling so its not a mistype this is frustrating..


Same for me, I want to watch Netflix on my iPad, logged in before no problem but now it tells me incorrect even after resetting and trying again. WTF, what is the point of paying Netflix if I can’t even log on.

The same thing happened to my gmail account earlier this year, when I was traveling in Thailand.

I couldn’t log on at the Internet cafe.. If something else was wrong I should get a different error message.


Same :/ Ugh this sucks! I've reset password 3 times and still nothing. Guess it's time to cancel.


Same for me, what is the problem?


My mom and I are having the same difficulty with logging in...the TV has access to Netflix but all the personal devices can't access her account...stating that her account doesn't exist...when it actually does. My mom contacted Netfix and they stated they couldn't help...do to not being able to verify her account. Again withdrawals are being made and Netflix is active on the one device...not the others...doesn't make sense...Gurr!!!!


Hey! I had the same issue.

App suddenly logged me out on my phone, and forgot who I was. When I tried to log in, it kept saying invalid login. I uninstalled and reinstalled the App, and voila! Logs in no problem.

Maybe try that? It'll be my first move if it happens again.


My Netflix account was used by people from another country. You have to find the number on the homepage of Netflix website call there and go through a verification process so you can use Netflix again.