Netflix no longer allows me to login! I know the ID and Password are correct but it still tells me:

The login information you entered does not match an account in our records. Remember, your email address is not case-sensitive, but passwords are.

What makes it even more frustrating is that it will work on some of my devices but not others.

For example I can login in to netflix on my nintendo 3ds and ipad but I can no longer login on my laptop or iphone.

keeps telling me my password is wrong!

HELP! I know the password is right!

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I had the same annoying issue. After waiting for 45 mins on the helpline I ended up with someone who was helpful.

She advised that my account had been hacked and switched to a new email so she had to verify me with the last 8 digits of my payment card before getting back control of my account. She said that Netflix is fully aware of the problem but haven't figured out how the accounts are being hacked.

Am afraid I think you will have to go through get call centre and verify your account to get the issue fixed. I had to switch the account to a new email address too.


Been on hold for an hr trying to fix


I been trying to call for the past three days... keep getting "high call volume cant take call, try back later" My email and phone is not recognized and when I try to get my account access using name and credit card # it says it sent account info to Vi*******@gmail.com.

That's not even close to my email so obviously been hacked but cant get through to fix the issue.. I put a hold on my credit card.


How do you cancel shitflix if you cant sign into your account? I cant see the payment in my online bank but I am sure I used my bank account


Exactly the same. Sudenly logged off and impossible to log in.

Account and email are not working any more. I've just cancelled the payment then.


I get an email in the middle of the night apparently login from New Jersey (don't even know anyone there) and now can't login. My email says no account found regardless of that email having dozens of emails from Netflix including monthly bill paid.

My credit card which has records even from last 24 hours of payment to Netflix comes up negative. Can't call because I'm currently working abroad. Can't call through app as need to login which I can't. Use live chat and it asks me to signin (which can't) but still puts me in queue which gets to 1 minute and stays there indefinitely it appears.

Seriously, wtf. The email used is one that is barely used for anything at all and NEVER any personal stuff.


i am having same issue. i know email and password is correct.

arrrrgh. time to cancel and use hulu!


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Same. it just all of a sudden logged out while I was watching a show.

Now my email is not recognized??? This is happening on all devices too.


everyone in my house has netflix on at least two of our devices and we all got logged out on every one and the same thing is happening to me..


Getting the same error here with Chromebook and AppleTV, both telling me my account doesn't exist


Mine is doing the same thing on my macbook!!! For like a week now on Netflix's website!!


I'm having the same problem on my Mac Book


I'm having the same issue on my MacBook.


Hey, I just fixed my issue......I'm not sure if this will solve everyone's issue but it did mine. I deleted the application and reinstalled it. Everything came up fine.


I am having the same issue.


I'm having the same issue as of yesterday, though it could have happened farther back but not noticed since I wasn't trying to log in. I try to log in and it says "Sorry, we can't find an account with this email address..." I even tried to recover the account by entering my name and payment info but it says there is no account associated with that payment method.

Tried on multiple computers and a couple of phones. No luck. I notice now on their support that if you click the link for trouble logging in, it shows a list of device types, playstation, Android, iPhone, etc. then "other devices" which would include computers.

If you click that link it says there is a known problem and they are working on it and to contact customer support to help them troubleshoot the problem. So it seems they are definitely aware of it.


Same problem here too. Got a new phone to update my out-of-date iPhone, and i had no problems logging into Hulu, Disney and Prime, but I couldn’t log into Netlix.

I figured at the time I must of updated the password awhile back and I just forgot it. But then I tried the EXACT SAME log in and PW on my computer, and bam, it let me right in. WTF? So I googled the issue and found this site.

Good news/Bad news for me is that I’m not going crazy and I’m really trying the correct log-in even tho it doesn’t work and tells me that it’s wrong. Bad news is is that it doesn’t work lol


Having the exact same issue. Can't log in on phone or pc, details are %100 correct, but still no luck. Reset password once before, logged in, closed netflix, opened app again and I was logged out and had the issue again.


i need netflix to slove this *** *** issue. Dont be such a *** and please try solving this problem ASAPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you hear me out you ***