Netflix no longer allows me to login! I know the ID and Password are correct but it still tells me:

The login information you entered does not match an account in our records. Remember, your email address is not case-sensitive, but passwords are.

What makes it even more frustrating is that it will work on some of my devices but not others.

For example I can login in to netflix on my nintendo 3ds and ipad but I can no longer login on my laptop or iphone.

keeps telling me my password is wrong!

HELP! I know the password is right!

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Same with ME. I hadn't streamed netflix in a long time. I've tried signing in with both laptops-same problem.


I am getting the same thing. WTF is going on?

I can get access to Netflix on the PS4 and Nintendo Wii but not my desktop computer? I cant even sign in to leave this comment under my account for gods sake


I had to call Netflix my account had been hacked and the hacker had changed the login details. Issue was resolved by Netflix.


I'm having the same issue with Netflix not recognizing my email, phone number, or password - even when logging in through my laptop's browser, which it keeps directing me to do also. My Netflix is still logged in on my phone's app but my account is now in Spanish and my profile name was changed.

I even tried using the "I can't remember my email or phone" option to reset my password and it only asks for my name and card # on file. Seems suspicious.


I’m having the same issue


same problem here. it keeps giving me the same message that Its netflix does not have an account associated with my email.


Any solutions I'm having the same issue doesn't recognise email, mobile or password and all are corrext


Same problem here I know my email address is correct and it says does not recognise it


Nerflix not working today, it says my email is invalid when I try to log in. But it's not invalid


Same thing just happened to me. I have been a Netflix customer for years and now I have no account? I got an email saying someone in Indonesia logged into my Netflix.


I just had the same problem they told mute my account was compromised. I wonder if they have leaked personal information


With a surge of recent reporting it seems Netflix was hacked and email and passwords were stolen recently.


Having same problem cannot login even tho I know details cannot reset password cannot do nothing.


I can't get into my Netflix account. Called the 1 866 number and all they were interested in was my credit card number.

When I tried to change membership , the same thing .

They wanted my name and credit card number. Is it my account hacked, or has Netflix been hacked?


You could have been hacked that’s what happened to me today! Had to call Netflix to get the account back


Same here on my android phone but could sign in on other devices


In my case it won't recognize my email, password, or phone number when I log in on my phone.


Same here. I also got 3 emails regarding changes to my account name and or password.


Hey man, did you ever get this solved? I’m having the EXACT same issues


SAME thing here! There's a glitch!