Netflix no longer allows me to login! I know the ID and Password are correct but it still tells me:

The login information you entered does not match an account in our records. Remember, your email address is not case-sensitive, but passwords are.

What makes it even more frustrating is that it will work on some of my devices but not others.

For example I can login in to netflix on my nintendo 3ds and ipad but I can no longer login on my laptop or iphone.

keeps telling me my password is wrong!

HELP! I know the password is right!

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Having the same issue now.


I'm using Safari on my iPad and for the past two days it's been saying "network error please retry later."I have not done any recent updates. I see some people saying it works fine with Safari, but I can't even get to the login screen.

Has anyone heard anything new about what's going on???

I've only had Netflix for about 2 months, but I'm seriously thinking about canceling this service. It's very limited anyway and if this a common occurrence then maybe I should.


On my chrome on my mac it says they have technical issues but on safari it works. And I can open it on my windows...just chrome on my mac won't let me log in ????


Same has happened to me, tried to reset my password but nothing. Works in my browser and Xbox just not the app. Even when the information is saved from the browser Stressed out


I’m having the same problem. Netflix works fine on my laptop but a few days ago when I tried to open Netflix on my phone that little circle of death popped up and I waited for ages until I just deleted the app and reinstalled it and now it’s telling me the password is wrong even though I signed in on chrome just fine.


I reset my password and now I can login to the app via the Xbox or my phone. I can log in via the browser no problem though


My kid upgraded to ios 12 Beta and it caused this issue on his IPad. Tried everything but just going to have to wait until the official release I guess. (Or netflix fixed it!)

to Anonymous #1501526

I’ve done the same, so I guess I can’t watch Netflix on my phone or iPad now


anyone know if deleteing the beta will work (just going back to normal ios)


can't login with the ios Netflix app. Works fine from a browser.


I was having same issue (only in app not in safari or on iPad) and first tried resetting network settings on my iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 11.4.1 (beta program). Then uninstalled the app.

--> Settings > Apple ID > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out > Connect to WiFi > logged Apple ID back in to iTunes & App Store > Downloaded Netflix app again > signed in to app without using auto fill and FINALLY got Netflix to accept email & password that was never wrong to begin with. Hope that helps, good luck.

to Shauna #1501239

Just tried the above for my iPad2 running 11.4.1 beta. After reading additional posts, it appears to be software related to the beta OS and NF app not being ready for the new OS....my 2cents


Same issue. What the *** is going on.

I’ve been having this issue for quite some time now. It’s working fine on my android.


I had the same issue but it seems to have been resolved. I have an iPhone X with iOS 11.4.1 beta 2


Same: not working on iPhone 6, but works on my wife's iPhone 8, iPad Air, FireTV.


Same issue on iPad, Android phones and tablet, two different PCs and my laptop. Newly downloaded app, browser with cookies enabled, caches cleared, different browsers etc. {{Redacted}} frustrating trying to set it up so my son can watch on his tablet.


Same issue!!


Same *** issues!!!


hey everyone, try deleting app data and/or cache in the app info screen on your android device. I'm sure there's a way to do it on Apple products too, but I couldn't tell you. Had the same issue and doing that fixed it just now.

to Netflix fix #1501857

This worked, THANK YOU

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