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We signed up with Netflix for a free 30 day trial. I wanted to watch the movie "Howard the duck" one day last week.

We filled out all their forms, and gave them all the info they wanted, and we joined.

Once we joined, I tried to bring up the movie to watch online, and it said that it was not available in that format, and I had to have it delivered. Since I really wanted to see it RIGHT AWAY, the account then became useless to me, and I canceled it within a few minutes of joining.

Then, I noticed that there was $8.78 taken out of our bank account. I am the disabled victim of an uninsured drunk driver, and we get by on social security benefits. We don't have money to just *** out for several days while some big corporation *** around with it. I say that because they kept our money for 5 days.

Netflix claims to have "tested" our account. The first authorized transaction (had we kept our membership) was scheduled for Jan 9th.

I know all about testing an account in an online transaction. Paypal does it with change. They deduct 2 amounts that are both less than 20 cents, and put it right back as soon as you enter the amounts into your Paypal account. We have had other tests on our account that were also put right back.

Now, Netflix is not the only corp that does this for such a long time. We applied for a Clear wireless account once at a phone store, where we gave the store clerk our Visa check card. Our account had enough for the opening payment (which was, like, $44.00), and few dollars more. They apparently tried to take an added $20.00 along with the 44, and when they couldn't, they denied us an account. Afterward, they had that $20.00 on hold for several days.

So, knowing that these corporations can test your account with change, and can return it nearly immediately, there is no reason for them to do what they have done to us.

Shaun Adams, Dana the Doberman service dog, and Jodi, the Doberman SDIT

Product or Service Mentioned: Netflix Free Trial.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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I called a number of times and they keep telling me my account is closed but they keep charging my credit card. Evertime I call back and ask why my credit card was charged they tell me they will credit the money but I still have not seen a credit on my account and I cancelled in Dec but what I do see is a bunch of debits.


Stop using your debit card for the transactions dear, that is what they do for authorization.

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