The new movies on Netflex are old, and/or are documentaries.

And when I have tried to watch a TV series, on Sunday, no videos are available for steaming, regardless of being a TV show or movie.

This web site is a pain, as it requires a minimum of 100 words, when less will suffice.

There is not more I can say about Netflex, except that it is non-responsive to customers, and their desires. When movies are released in DVD, I would expect that they would be available to stream via Netflex, but that is not what happens. Therefore, I would not recommend buying Netflex unless you are new to the service, and haven't seen the movies available. Afterward, you may cancel as I will do.

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David, you really are a knucklehead! If you would have read his entire post you would have read that he did cancel..

As I did, that's why he's here reviewing netflix, to inform the un-informed of the terrible service and offerings of netflix.

If you're not happy with his review, why comment on it?(along with several others)

If you're so happy with the service, why are you looking up bad reviews of it? I'd be inclined to believe you might be a representitive of netflix trying to throw a blanket over the brush fire.


I have been happy with Netflix. The new movies not being on streaming is not Netflix but the owner of the movies.

They decide what can be streamed and what cannot be streamed.

I have always been able to get new releases on DVD. If you are so unhappy then cancel.

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