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"Your favorite programs.. to your TV.." Fantastic!

So what if we have to upgrade our internet speed through Quest, right? Finally! We can watch episodes of our favorite program whenever we find the time! Oh!

It's only for a limited period of time? So, if we don't watch every program w/in a specified period of time, the program becomes (w/out warning) suddenly inaccessible; as in "Dexter", our favorite show. Bye bye netflix. Can't believe you're legally allowed to sucker people in that way and then deprive them like that.

It's like a sucker punch. You suck.

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Just Like most of the above...been streaming from Netflix for 3+ years and the last 9 months or so the stall, restarts, and loading times have increased to the point that it is hardly worth bothering with...would love an alternative...

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