As of yesterday, Netflix disabled the option to Manage Netflix ready devices and computers.In the past you could see all your activated devices, and which device had watched what (something as a parent you would be looking for), and even preventing your account from being used without authorization, i.e.

you kid goes somewhere else, and their friend get the login and password. Recently I found that my child's friend was the one viewing material I did not wish my children to see and I deactivated that device and changed my account password. Now that ca't be done.

I called Netflix to complain, and they took my feedback.I have no idea why they would eliminate this option, but for parents it a real deal breaker.

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Bring it BACK.!

Wigan, Wigan, United Kingdom #995146

It was a helpful aspect because you could access the device list from anywhere, now if I need to see who is using my account e.g unwelcome friends, I can't!

How am I supposed to keep my account 'safe' when I can't deactivate a device without doing it to all devices.

Other people in my family use the same account and they don't know the password, it causes more hassle logging back in to each account, than it does to deactivate one account.Netflix should reinstate this feature.

Somerset, Massachusetts, United States #915013

They're doing it to allow the heart bleed virus to steal our identities they're doing it on purose.

to netflixiscrooked Wigan, Wigan, United Kingdom #995148

What is 'heart bleed virus', is it something I should be concerned about?


Yes it's a real annoyance, in my case: being a 16yo guy paying for Netflix myself, I have someone whose using my account and I have my suspicions on who it might be, and the fact that they've removed the option to check is really annoying!


Hopefully NETFLIX Headquarters is bombed soon.


Lord. If you people are getting the error message "too many devices are in use" then stop handing out your netflix passwords.

It's one household per account. If you have devices at home with netflix, a phone, and a tablet, then you should be fine.

If you are so loose with your passwords that you need to log on to see who is on your account that YOU PAY MONEY FOR, then you're obviously an irresponsible adult and shouldn't complain.

It's your fault.

Yes it would nice for you to be able to see the exact devices that are logged in, but for people complaining about security and all that, that's not netflix's issue. Thats a you issue.

to OMGshNicholas #820426

hey compadre, i dont know if you've noticed but a household has many many many devices, i have my netflix in my computer, my wii, my ps3, iphone, ipad, whatever else and guess what?even if i've signed out of all of them the "too many devices" problem is still there.

but oh my what if i got hacked? what if netflix has an error and does not compute that i am not watching anything, don't you think that can be solved with a better customer service?

Even IF i gave out my password, what is so wrong with letting my sister who has moved, or a boyfriend use my netflix for them to watch a movie huh?and dont let me even begin to tell you how *** internet security is.

to hmh #1260645

Not all households have six devices. If you have more than six devices, and you insist on having access to Netflix on every single one, you can create a a 2nd Netflix acct and pay the monthly fee twice. If $10 or whatever it is these days x2 is a huge expense for you, then what makes you think you deserve to be king of the ghetto?

to OMGshNicholas #832641

Oh, the stupidity!

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