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Ever since I got this computer 4 years ago I've had a problem streaming three of my favorite shows from Netflix. To try to define the problem I've run the same program at the same time on two computers and one runs fine and on this unit it does not.

Problem: The audio runs at one speed and the video at another.

The problem was isolated to the 3 shows until yesterday when two more of my favorites joined the problem children category.

Netflix says this is my problem not theirs, that the problem is with my internet service.

I don't think so.

I looked back and I've had this problem at 9 different locations using 3 different service providers (AT&T u verse, Cable One & TWC). Always the same problem with the same shows.

Is it possible that 9 different wireless networks just happen to have the exact same problem only when I want to watch the same 3 shows at widely varying times?

I think not.

I will continue to use Netflix but if they keep making unavailable the content I wish to view (as above and doing things such as taking various titles off streaming & making them available only on their DVD service) they will go the same as my TV cable service - bye-bye.

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Your dumb , you called netflix because you needed help and when they tell you the solution to the problem you just come up with your own theory. Why did you call them in the first place if your so smart yourself. Stop complaining over 7.99 , go back to cable and pay alot more money.


Definitely at your end. Try going to "Your profile", playback settings and set to low, to see if it changes anything.

Nr. 2 to try: Reinstall Silverlight.


Update your codec. The problem is on your end not theirs.

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