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after many occurrences i have concluded that netflix is deliberately sabotaging dvds to discourage mail and encourage streaming

they even send the same cracked ones back

sometimes the cracks are distinctive

i think anyone else who uses the netflix mail service will concur

the service has radically changed in the past year

i have recently stopped requesting a replacement because i know that the relacement dvd is most likely going to be no better

i think that it is dishonest to do this dekiberately and not announce the policy change

i use the mail service because i watch many films not commonly requested

and so they are not available for streaming

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I don't think they are trying to encourage steaming because the streaming selection is *** compared to the DVD selection.I think Netflix is just being cheap.

Just like they are apparently too cheap to invest the time and effort to add the DVD only movies to the streaming movies. There is no reason to only carry good and/or new titles on the "DVD" section. All of there titles should be available in the watch instantly streaming selection. I pay just as much for my streaming account as I would for a DVD account.

7.99 either way. To be honest the delivery of streaming movies is cheaper than the delivery of movies on DVD.

It would be in everyone's interest to add the movies only available on DVD to the watch instantly streaming list.This issue will eventually run nexflix out of business if they don't make the changes above.

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