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I can't always get out of the house and go to the gym so it's nice to have workouts on Netfix. I get on it today and hmmm...

no exercise videos. Zero. What the ***? So I go online and see if I'm crazy.

I typed in so many keywords for exercise and nothing came up. You inconvenience me and I'm pissed. I pay for a ton of *** movies that nobody ever watches. Awesome....

>.> All I want is for them to bring them back. It's streaming so it doesn't make any sense that they'd get rid of it.

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Call 1-800-585-7265 and ask them to submit a complaint. I called this morning and they said the more people who call, the more likely they will buy the rights again.


I am also disturbed that Netflix has taken off all their workout videos, I like to do some of the yoga videos in the privacy of my own home. I no longer have the membership that allows me to order the DVD's I only have streaming and have come to expect having access to workout videos.

I am sure many people rely on those videos for their fitness regimens, so to just take them away unannounced is unprofessional and takes a physical toll on their customers' well being.

I would think a large corporation like Netflix would want to do all they could to be a positive force in the fight against obesity in this country, but clearly this is not a priority for them. Pretty sad what companies will do to make a dime.

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