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I can't remember exactly when it began, and I watch Netflix less and less because there's not that much on it that I'm interested in; however, at some point within the past year or two, Netflix began putting the end titles of films and television shows into small boxes in the top left of the screen--Picture in Picture (PnP) style.This is a ridiculous choice, because in this age of remotes, voice activation, and various other forms of automation associated with streaming television, I HAVE A REMOTE I CAN USE TO EXIT THE TITLES IF I DON'T WANT TO SEE THEM!

This choice duplicates the current worst practices of commercial television, especially those channels that stuff their programming full of commercials, and can't afford to have several minutes of scrolling credits when they could be selling that airtime to advertisers. But WE PAY FOR NETFLIX so we don't have to endure commercials, and--by God, I want to see the *** titles sometimes. Now--it's true that once the titles have been shunted carelessly into their miniscule little box, I can navigate to that box and maximize them again--but in several cases, it's been IMPOSSIBLE to navigate to the *** little box in time to see the very beginning of the titles! Here's what happens: I navigate to the titles, maximize, press Pause, and then try to move back a few seconds to the beginning of the titles.

Often, I have to move back to the last few seconds of the film or show, and then I press Play, and the titles appear, only to automatically minimize into the little box again, forever unreadable at that size as they whiz past. Now--given the extremely poor quality of much of what's available to stream on Netflix, perhaps it isn't surprising that the company figures its viewers are cretinous gobs of suet who might complain if they had to press a button more than once to skip the credits and move on to the next mediocre bit of treacle or torture ***. People who need one hand for their Big Gulp and the other to fish out another drowned Dorito from underneath the melted Cheese Whiz, and who therefore become angry when the remote demands too much of their attention. But there are some decent things to watch on Netflix, and there are viewers who are interested in knowing WHO participated in creating those decent bits of entertainment.

The problem is that Netflix apparently does not believe we exist. And so Netflix continues to decide what it thinks its viewers want, when they could've simply provided the PnP titles as an OPTION one can turn off and on, much like the horrible auto-play option, which they had the good sense to leave in our hands, so those of us who choose to spend less than a lifetime in front of a television can turn it off.

Netflix continues to work fairly well in terms of streaming quality, but it makes up for that by implementing unilateral choices that are bound to *** off more discriminating viewers, and this "credits in PnP" choice is just the most annoying among recent "enhancements" (I'm sure the dolt who came up with this idea called it an "enhancement.").PnP credits should be an option for the tragically couch-ridden, willfully illiterate subscribers--but don't force it on the rest of us.

Review about: Netflix Streaming Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Make PnP end titles an option that each user can select or deselect, like auto-play. .

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