I was reviewing my charge history for the past year as I was doing my taxes. I found that I had been charged twice a month for Netflix.

I went online to chat and have it refunded. I spent 40 minutes and finally spoke with a supposed manager. I was told I needed to call netflix and give them a reference number, then they would do a 3-way call with my credit card company and authorize some kind of a reverse transaction. I called the netflix number and gave the guy the reference number as I was told.

The rep who answered said that was crazy because they only refund for the previous month. I cancelled Netflix when they split the dvds and instant for double cost. Never should have re-signed for the instant streaming.

Use Amazon prime. They have way better movies available anyway.

Review about: Netflix Streaming Service.

Monetary Loss: $96.

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Discovered today that Netflix has been double-billing me for the last year. Contacted them and they just say, "It isn't us!

The second charge must be someone else." Totally unhelpful and both charges are identical. I truly doubt some fraudster has been able to pull money out of my account as "Netflix" for the last year.

Filed a dispute with my bank, but can only (understandably) dispute the charges over the last 60 days. Going to be watching my statements like a hawk this month.


I literally only found out today Netflix split the dvds and instant for double cost, when I signed up originally it was all one much cheaper charge. It was on my mom's card so I never personally saw the charges, my mom just assumed the other charge was my brother this whole time.

It was just today when talking to her I realized it didn't add up and I pulled up my account to check. I am absolutely FURIOUS. This is NOT what we signed up for. I never heard anything about the split, a nice big obvious message on the site itself might have helped but it just happened entirely without my knowledge behind my back.

Split into two without our knowing and charged more without our permission. This is flat out thievery!

to stonecoldjax_39 #1370604

*** even evil *** Comcast sends us something to tell us flat out their raising our rates instead of doing it secretly behind our backs.


This is many times when this happens to people, and it is very easy for people to set up a second netflix account. They either type there email in wrong at the first sign up and then end up creating another account when trying to sign in to something else, or the clicks yes when asked about the dvds, or its fraduant charges.

No one wants to admit they they made a mistake but netflix can not set account up for people. They can also refun all of your money on that second account as long as there has been past activity on that account. You can see all of you netflix information on the your account page. I ran into the same issue and wanted to sue but my lawyer spoke with some one at netflix for this and there was nothing that we can do because it was traced back to my ip adress.

If you really think netflix wringed you, either pay more attention you your bank account that way it doesn't happen for two year or what ever time fram, or call your lawyer and try to sue then but I can tell you that's one battle that you will not win so you would waste money. You can also chose not to go to netflix.

Concord, North Carolina, United States #1341665

Netflix strikes again!!!!! Netflix has double and triple charged me for 18 months...Called several times and as always a third world country rep answers and will not route you to the states....I called Bank Of America and got it taken care of.....This is clearly fraud and Netflix and Bank of America know this to be a fact.......DO NOT CALL NETFLIX CALL YOUR BANK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hamilton County, Tennessee, United States #1311672

I discovered Netflix has double billed me for the last 4 months. trying to uninstall but can't, same problem, goodbye Netflix.

to ron guest #1355821

Make sure you cancel it first uninstalling does not stop charges.


Seems like this is a NETFLIX business practice. Instead of unique customer account numbers of which an e-mail is a form of contact or perhaps a login, the e-mail is the account.

Hello NETFLIX, it is SLIMY and a DECEPTIVE business practice designed to intentionally deceived consumers for the sole purpose of generating fees.

My credit card provider switched – resulting in new credit card being issued. When NETFLIX contacted me about the failure to process, I updated my e-mail address to my new and current e-mail address.

Surprise, I’m now seeing that NETFLIX created another account.

So they updated the CC information in the “original” account (hence the reason it continued to charge on the 5th of the month) and created a new account as a result of updating the e-mail address associated with my “original account” (which charges at the end of the month). What the heck.

They are able to refund me one month and close one of the accounts.

If I were NETFLIX, why change? It has to be worth millions. They claim to have 60 million customers.

What %age are actually zombies? They can change your fees by requiring that you close your account as your e-mail changes. Remember, changing your e-mail is surprise a new account. If I were a litigator, I would see what if any angle I could approach from a class action law suit for deceptive business practices.

NETFLIX knows exactly what it is doing. In fact, their system can link accounts with the same contact and payment information. How do I know this?? NETFLIX was able to do this on the phone as it was NETFLIX who alerted me to the fact that there was a billing as a result of the “zombie” e-mail.

If their system is able to do this, then they are clearly aware of issue and perpetrate the deception as a matter of business practice BTW – I was told that it was not possible for NETFLIX to have customer account numbers instead of e-mail addresses as they are a streaming service and have 60 million customers. Not that I like ATT, but it has almost 135 million cellular customers and has no problem issuing account numbers that remain unchanged irrespective of the e-mail updates.

to Anonymous #1503322

I just found out 2 days ago that Netflix has been double billing me, I had forgot my password on my email address at yahoo, and couldn't make a ne one cos they send the info to get your password at the email I can't remember the password at...so I changed my email address with Netflix, they reimbursed me 3 months X $11.81 a month and told me I need to get the bank to reimburse me any other money owed to mw. I called Chase bank today and they told me I had indeed been getting double billed back to April 2017 at $10.74 a month..I could sure use that $100 bucks they stole from me, now the bank says I have to write a letter and file a dispute with them to maybe get the money that's been stole from me..what a mess


Netflix didn't double bill you, you simply setup two accounts and waited years to call in about.

It its not netflix's job to manage your account they just react when you call

Its true that there is a limit on credits we also cannot issue credits if there are more than 2 hours of viewing history.

Its largely misunderstood that netflix somehow is responsible because people make multiple accounts with the same payment method then later get up like we put them in this position?

At the end of the day netflix isn't the agressor its you, your best options would be to fight the charges with the bank or call it a loss.

Source : Former Supervisor at Netflix

to Anonymous #1370606

"Netflix didn't double bill you, you simply setup two accounts and waited years to call in about."

Sure interesting how many people manage to accidently set up a second account without their knowledge. I've never heard of such a problem anywhere else before, ever.

This is clearly unique to Netflix and clearly something in the way Netflix is set up creates this confusion.

Whether Netflix is intentionally malicious or simply massively incompetent is up for debate, but just brushing it off saying "it's the customers problem not ours" is a pretty good indication of the way they do their business. Sure glad you're a FORMER supervisor with the attitude you have.


I switched credit cards and informed Netflix.

They continued to charge me on both cards I tried to get a refund.

(I have 1 TV, but they had 2 email addresses and used this to deny a refund for any more than 3 months, as if that justified 2 accounts!)




Same thing happened to me. Called last May to change e-mail on my account....single account.

So I assumed I only had one account now with a new e-mail address... well no they didn't close the first one. I just ended up with two. How was I supposed to know or be responsible for the fact they they never closed access to the first e-mail as a separate account.

That was not what my request was for. So they had been billing me at both my original amt. of 7.99 a month and then 8.99 a month for almost a year for two accounts but as far as I know, and what my request was to them, I only intended and wanted to have one account. They told me over the phone that they would only give me one month refund.

What a scam.

Cancelled my account. Really pathetic considering I was a paying customer since 2011.


Consumer is an ***. Had multiple devices across two different accounts and didn't know the other account was still active. Here's a tip, check your bank account statements every month, ***.


I guess this is rather old now, so maybe commenting is irrelevant, but this is a terrible complaint. The reason for the double charging is clear on the first screen of the transcript.

The person had 2 accounts that were active on different devices for a full year. Right there the plaintiff is in the wrong! Is that not obvious??

The mere fact that Netflix customer service still tried to get their refund is a courtesy.

All throughout the rest of the transcript the reps are telling him/her exactly what needs to be done, why it has to be done that way, and even provides alternative methods to get it done (that is, to get the refund that isn't warranted). Yet the customer doesn't listen to any of it, throws their arms up (figuratively) in frustration and self-indignation, and pouts off to the Internet.

Denver, Colorado, United States #875883

I have also been charged twice a month for over a year! I cannot get them to stop this!

Sneads, Florida, United States #872042

If you would like to sue these SOBs and get your money back email me at lmitchell2053@gmail.com

Sneads, Florida, United States #872040

Yes I had the same problem and was double billed by Netflix. When I called a Manager ???????????????

said they could only refund one month. The problem was that I had old Netflix account on a now non existant email. that Netflix restarted when I called in and gave them a credit card number to restart my account.

now I had two Netflix accounts and was paying two X $8.66 = 17.32 for one service. Netflix admits that's what happened but says they won't refund the extra money I paid them.


I just check my bank statement and found out I was double charged. That doesn't sit well with me. I guess I will have to cancel and go with an alternative.

Dallas, Texas, United States #863249

Same thing here,they charged from 2 different emails for like a year! And they can see i didnt watch any movies.They said they could only give me a one month refund to my card.I haven't gotten it yet.

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