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All of the sudden, Netflix got rid of ALL the exercise programs available by streaming and made them only available by DVD. Seems like just another cheap shot at Netflix to try to get streaming customers to pick up the DVD program.

I've been a loyal Netflix customer, despite the fact that when they split the DVD/Streaming services in half and upped the price charged to my credit card, their response was: "oh, we let you know by e-mail that we were splitting the services". I was pissed at that point because you should ALWAYS have the ability to OPT-IN for pay services, not OPT-OUT. I cancelled the DVD service and have been fairly happy with the limited selection for streaming, but now they've made a lot of those suddenly unavailable for streaming as well.

One more strike Netflix. One more strike.

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You girls aren't gonna get in shape lifting ham sammiches and bon-bons up to your cake holes. Get off your big butts and take a walk for Christ's sake.


I agree. It stinks that all the fitness videos have been removed.

They even removed them from my *** list! Now I am having a hard time remembering some of them to find elsewhere.


I so Agree, they need to bring back the exercise shows, It was nice to be able to exercise at a time when it was convenient for me. I dont really watch those other programs but I did use the exercise programs now none of them are available.

At least change them to different options not take them off all together.

With Americans being so obese let them at least have the option of not being a couch potato in the living room or wherever their preferred electronic device takes them!!! :cry :cry

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