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Netflix turn around has gotten so slow that I drove to the post office where they have their PO Box and delivered it myself. That was 3 days ago and it STILL hasn't shown as being returned.

I called customer service (?) and was told well we should have gotten it. Yes, I know that. That's why I used my gas to drive the dvd to them. CSR said she would mark it as received so that the next movie would be shipped.

That was 3 hours ago and it still hasn't been corrected. I guess this is a cost saving measure to increase their profits.

4 days to go from my house to the post office 4 blocks away and back is ridiculous. When I first got here, they were shipping movies the same day!

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Or, I don't know, keep up on the latst news regarding the postal system? USPS has closed many, many proccessing centers nationwide.

That means that items shipped from/to the same town actually have to go to a completely different city to be processed. This makes it take a few extra days to get to its destination.

to PABeth Wichita, Kansas, United States #700998

My opinion, this is all Netflix controlling DVD shipment. On 8/8 I dropped dvd in drop box at PO, got an email that N/F received it at 5:54A 8/12.

Dropped dvd in same drop box on 8/9, got N/F email that it was received at 6:09A on 8/10.

Both dvd's mailed from same drop box for same time pickup, went to local PO Box address. Kinda inconsistent, right?

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