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I just recently attempted to change my customer account back to rentals w/watch instantly.Well guess what..

no Watch Instantly option at the top of the main page. I go into Plans/Account to see what's up.. and get bumped around a few useless site clicks to a final page telling me I need to call the CS directly! No option to send an email, like there used to be.

Oh goody. Now I am forced to call CS just for a Rep to tell me Watch Instantly is no longer.. or.. explain that the option is "temporarily unavail".



Blockbuster online is starting to look pretty good..

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Huh, just went to Netflix and had absolutely NO problem figuring out how to change/add plans.I suspect you're just not doing it correctly.

If you don't currently subscribe to streaming, then of course the site doesn't give you the option for it!Don't blame Netflix if you can't figure out the site.

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