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So it was my wife's bad in the first place that she accidentally returned our PS3 game Rockband instead of the movie we rented back to Netflix. They sent an automated response the said "Ooops, you accidentally returned one of your own DVDs instead of your Netflix movie. No worries, we are returning it to you".

So today in the mail I receive a Netflix envelope with a note saying, "Here's your DVD, please return the Netflix movie back in the enclosed envelope". Then I open the DVD slip and inside is half of my PS3 Rockband disc with major greasy fingerprints, smears, and scratches all over what's left of it. Not even two pieces like it broke in the mail, but half the disc sealed in an envelope, that's it.

We called customer service and spoke to several reps who all basically told us to get bent. I would have understood if they notified me and said that my game disc arrived broken, or that it was accidentally broken, but no. Someone at Netflix customer service in San Jose, California knowingly put their greasy paws all over my game, scratched it, then willingly broke it in two, and then mailed half of it back to me. Well guess what Netflix, this is just one of many, many complaints I will be submitting. I will definitely make my displeasure known. Account canceled.

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I live in So.Calif.

and have received 7 (seven) disks in a row from Netflix that have been broken. All were the same title "The greatest figures of the Bible". The first 3 disks arrived broken one at a time and were returned and replaced with broken disks. I telephoned Netflix and they apologized as I had gone 3 weeks without a move so they sent me 4 of my top picks at one time.

I receved Jackie Chan's "Who am I" intact along with 3 disks of the series "Great figures of the Bible" that were broken.

I suspect that if these disks were about some other religion some type of formal investigation would be taking place.04-13-2011


You're *** retarded.

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