They used to be fair and now you can't ever watch a movie without poor quality and start and stop action no matter what speed your connection is. Mine is 12Mps DSL and it's awful almost all the time.

Call to get help and it's everyone else's problems and yes....I unplug the Sony disk player ever two days to clear things like NETFLIX says and not one bit better.

The real problem is they collect all that money and can't support that number of viewers is the real issue, so they like most companies steal our money and rob us everyday. I'm tired of this, and by the way I also have Amazon that works ten times better on the same connection.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #781529

I had a Sony player and i found out that it is the way Sony sends Netflix to their players. I replaced my Sony for a Samsung and have had no problems. Also to get better quality I had to up my internet speed from 12MB to 24MB and you will be able to stream in the highest resolution available with no problem.


Wiith the symptoms you describe, sounds like you just need a NF update on that Sony. On your NF help page, on the computer, go to help(dot)Netflix(dot)com and search how to deactivate your device then reconnect back to NF.

That will clear up what is going on and it will stream nice without buffering or lagging and excellent quality. Also, double check to be sure your device is current on any firmware updates.

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