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Netflix is misleading customers, we are a family of 3, even if 2 devices are turned on (mind you I said turned on and NOT watching), the 3rd device won't play. So in the basement I have a TV and my son was watching and then stopped.

In the bedroom my spouse was watching and then stopped.

We all come to the living room and it won't let us watch saying that there are 2 active devices. Netflix is being unfair, they said 2 users watching but their software limits it to 2 devices even if no one is watching.

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Take a chill pill. When the 3rd device won't play when you know the other devices are streaming, it simply means one or both of the other devices are holding up the stream.

You must be sure to completely get out of netflix on the other devices to free up the qty of streams.

If it is still hung up, (which can happen sometimes, software code is not always instant), simply unplug the modem for about 10seconds which will for sure disconnect all devices from netflix server to free up your streams.

Try a little common sense before posting negative rants.

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