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I have read that Netflix has withdrawn good, old movies for commercial reasons. I just had classic film noirs (Beat the Devil/That Uncertain Feeling) moved to "Saved Titles," which means they will never appear. My experience has been that Netflix is an insensitive, hard to contact company. I don't expect any response from them.

I would like to know more about why Netflix withdrew many older films from their service, as I had only heard about this a few months ago.

Assuming that Netflix will do nothing abut this, my question is:

Is there another disc distributor that sends films I (and many others) want to see? I'll pay for the service.

Marvin Zalman

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You're simply not understanding the business. Free market, you are certainly welcome to look elsewhere.

NF supplies content based on demand, popularity, majority of what Members want. If there is less need for certain genres and titles, it is simply good business to clear the way for more popular content. Why should NF continue renewing contract negotiations if some older content is only collecting dust? On that note, certain content is never gone forever, contrary to what you state above, 'never appear', that is false.

When and if there is demand for that older content again, NF will add it back to their library. All of the content is owned by the studios and distributors, the content comes and goes, never in teh library forever, neither gone forever.

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