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We have had Netflix for about 8 months now. Although the delivery service has been quick, the new release titles are ALWAYS on a wait list.

The most recent example was our order for the new 'A Christmas Carol'. We placed it at the top of our *** at the beginning of November 2010, but we did not receive it until February 2011. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE! They really need to stock more DVD copies OR offer them for streaming.

It's getting to the point where we just go to the nearest RedBox to get the new releases since we know that Netflix will have a long wait.

We are seriously thinking about canceling Netflix.

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Marie Dealing

Well y'all I am seeing RED with NETFLIX!! I have been with NETFLIX for 12 yrs.

and in the last few month it happened twice. A DVD that had NO WAIT all a sudden became LONG WAIT!What does the customer serv. agent BRYON tell me __ well, within the last 2 days EVERYONE wants MR.POPPIN AND THE PENQUINS- ! I had this DVD ON SAVE FOR A VERY LONG TIME!

It moved up and it had NO WAIT! I might be wrong but it seems to me that people who received an IPAD, TABLETS, LAPTOP,WII etc for XMAS and signed up with NETFLIX ( NEW customer) are receiving the popular DVD FIRST and the REST OF US well are SOL! I am for the first time rethinking my membership with NETFLIX! This was a BIG PROBLEM with BLOCKBUSTER!

They almost lost their entire business and are just beginning to come back. I need help finding a NEW DVD RENTAL on line.


Netflix needs to get more new movies in. Even though they say its a new realease, its usually of an old movie.

Tired of watching/seeing the same old ones week after week.

Maybe you could have a day a week where there's a new movie like redbox.

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