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Netflix was working fine on Wii as well as mobile devices. As of September 2014, Netflix streams fine on mobile devices but not on Wii.

One episode of a tv show can't even play without several interruptions or completely freezing altogether. Internet service is functioning properly, all other tasks requiring internet function without interruption except Netflix. Netflix hasn't offered and explanation other than blaming my internet service provider or devices. Many friends in various locations around the country, utilizing different internet service providers, also are experiencing Netflix no longer functioning properly through the Wii device.

If Netflix will not fix this issue, refunds should be given. Its clearly not the customer or the ISP responsible for the faulty service, its Netflix's fault.

Review about: Netflix Streaming Service.

Reason of review: interrupted service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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It is actually not Netflix fault, you are incorrect. I use the Wii and mine works great, because I know how to fix the symptoms you described above.

First, it is Nintendo that builds the software code for the nf app on the Wii. Netflix only provides a base platform to manufacturers and all the different brand manuf's build their own nf software, so often times when something goes awry, it is a device fix, not nf fault. Also, speaking of code, all streaming devices built up code and goof up the device from time to time. Just as cookies codes build up on computers and need to be wiped clean, same for devices, modems, routers, etc.

So to fix your wonky Wii, unplug it from the back or wall, but unplug the power cord for a couple minutes.

Next, deactivate and reactivate your Wii from nf. Look up how to do that for yourself on the help page on the nf site.

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