i am very displeased that my netflix service now longer allows for instant streaming of roseanne the tv show. it is one of my favorite shows and they just need to get it back.

they are supposed to be the king of old shows, so they need to get it back end of story. if they aren't going to do what they advertise then they don't need to advertise themselves falsely.

netflix has always angered me when they doubled their prices last year. they should really take the customer into consideration more often otherwise they might lose mine and many other's services.

Review about: Netflix Streaming Service.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Roseanne sucks ***. It is bottom of the bar ***.

You yourself are probably a retarded ***.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #681507

dude23 - maybe when you grow up, you'll learn the difference between two and too...


I'm not going to agree with the previous comment about Roseanne... I loved it.

However I do agree with the rest of what you said... Netflix is a business... as such they have to make business decisions. That show, along with who knows how many others, cost Netflix a certain amount to have available.

They made the decision to remove it believing that it was not worth the cost. The only way they know if their decision was wrong is if you let THEM know, not an internet forum.


I have seen silly complaints but you win the prize. Did someone tell you that you are suppose to get everthing you want?

Most of those shows you can purchase through Amazon.

There are two many important issues to get upset about then not being able to stream Rosanne which was crappy to begin with. You need to just grow up.

to dude23 Seattle, Washington, United States #691240

Do you know the difference between two and too? Actually, there would be TOO many important issues...

Not TWO many. ***!

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