I have been a customer of Netflix for close to 7 years and have never had any reason to call customer service before. I even kept the most expensive plan when they DOUBLED prices. I haven't even truly been upset about it taking months to see new releases. A few days ago, I got a notice about my credit card not authorizing, could I please update it. I did. Repeatedly. Even using other credit cards and calling the bank which said they had denied no charges from anyone.

I finally called customer service and did I ever get a RUDE AWAKENING! I was treated like they'd just found out I was STEALING from THEM!! The agent was condescending and when the manager finally came to the phone, he never allowed me to say a single word but told me that "YOUR BANK MUST HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOU" and he would be happy to cancel my account. When I asked for other options for customer service I was told there were none and he HUNG UP.

I've paid for Netflix for years without interruption and without complaint but cannot see how I can continue to pay them and keep my dignity as a responsible consumer.

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i was confused as to how exactly netflix worked, but i ordered it anyway on the free trial basis.i had to call customer service when the CD's that were arriving were cracked and broken...worthless!

i wanted to know if i was paying almost 16 dollars a month just to order one movie at a time...the service rep, KYLE, treated me like i was a complete *** and was of no help.i was so frustrated i dropped netflix right then and there...i'd rather just purchase my own movies!


No company wants you for a customer if you are not paying. On the few times I have called Netflix they were very polite.


Drop Netflix...all the Netflix customer service reps are rude and worthless. This company needs a new management team focus on the customer. If we all agree to drop netflix their stock will worth pennies instead of $127.

Netflix customer reps get new training and new management if you want to remain employeed

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