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Last Summer when Netflix was only $9.99 / month for both streaming and CDs, it was a deal. The arrogant CEO of Netflix decided to almost double its price with a quote of "It's only the cost of a lattee".

Netflix customers took action and canceled, and the public lowered the stock from over $300 to under $100 per share.

The public said "the *** with you", as it should be with greedy companies.

THe selection of movies has become poor, there is wait time for movies, other sources will provide this service for the old rate that Netflix charged, and some streaming is actually free from some sites. Get rid of Netflix and show companies that they cannot bully or gouge us any longer.

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Theu went up on the DVD by mail service and lowered the price for streaming. Get your facts correct before posting.

There is more overhead in sending DVD by mail as the have to buy the DVD and since they are a commercial operation they also have to pay a royalty to the owners of the DVD. So 16.00 for 3 dvd at a time is not that much. You say you save on Redbox but did not bring up the fact that their rental is 1.00 per day per dvd. So you have to watch it the same day you rent it and if you do not return it by the next day the fee increases a dollar a day.

Netflix you can keep it as long as you like without additional fee. So make sure you get all your facts straight.


Why don't you proof read before you post to the internet. This post makes you seem like an ***.


Thanks for the site. I fully agree that Netflix was greedy. They lost SONY content because they paid CBS a fortune for old stuff. In order to get SONY back, Netflix needed to raise the price because they gave all their money to CBS. I don't blame SONY because they made Netflix a very profitable company and they should have paid SONY more. Yes, they needed more money but that was because of very poor corporate management.

This price hike was super ***. In a double dip reseccion, Netflix lost their best content (which came from Sony) and decided to double the price. I am sorry but the consumers who watch online streaming had (and still do) noticed that there is not really any good content unless it is an old movie. The average consumer can find one of these types of movies at anytime on cable all day long. The new releases on Netflix became old movies (some were blockbusters) that their customers had likely seen before. Netflix now double the price while home and fuel prices crippled the average household. Netflix is a luxury that simply began to offer no significant content. People were outraged.

No they did not want "it for free." That was a bad jab at the struggling American consumer. People who want movies free (and much better movies that Netflix has ever offered) can stream copies on the internet all day long. They don't have to pay one dime.

Subscribers to Netfix wanted to simply have a fair price with good content. Netflix offered significantly less in content (did they think the customers wouldn't notice) and raised the price.

THEN ALONG COMES REDBOX. Here's an option where a person could get movies at any time for $1 at the time. No more waiting days for movies in the mail. REDBOXES saturate many neighborhoods like mine. There are four of them in my neighborhood. Honestly, I was paying about 18 dollars per month. How many DVDs does the average person watch per month? If you watched two movies every weekend that would be eight. If you watched four that would be 16. So, a REDBOX user could easily get great movies at the same price.

What's the deal with me? I am a Netflix subscriber who hasn't really watched anything on Netflix in a while. I work and watch network TV shows. Then there are sporting events (football and basketball). So, Netflix was just something to fill in the gaps. I think Netflix did not consider that their customers really don't need Netflix.

I have remained a subscriber but went to online streaming only. I was not watching the really watching the movies from the mail. I just kept it because I like Netflix. I thought Netflix was a good company so I had been paying for movies on DVD I never even watched and when I did I did not rush to return them. When I really wanted something fast, I was already going to REDBOX or Blockbuster. Now, I am considering dropping the online streaming because I don't want to be perceived as someone who wants "something for nothing."


Mr. Know it all, aka "You've Gotta be Kidding me", cutting down bills does not include raising one.

Arithmetic: 101. You can get the same service from DISH Network, which has partnered with Blockbuster, for Netflix's old price.

Do you work for Netlix or are you mentally challenged?

If ya'll want to pay Netfix for things you can get free or cheaper through Red Box and other provides, go and do it. I really don't care.


What the compaint is about, ms. Common sense, it that they used poor judgement in their timing of raising prices and at the steep jump they made.

People are trying to cut down on bills right now, not bring them up. So use some 'common sense' before writing the junk you did.


Hey I am more vocal about corporate greed than most people in the country, I organize protests in fromt of their offices, but I don't really see a problem with Netflix.

I was not bothered by the price change.

I always thought they were under charging and could not figure out how they were able to affor to provide their service at the price they offered.

Considering the difference in price between cable and Netflix it is *STILL* the best deal out there. Personally I think the reaction to the Netflix price restructuring just goes to show that a large percentage of Americans expect everythign for next to nothing.


The streaming Netflix offers cannot be matched by any other company. There is a wide variety of shows and movies including Starz selections.

Netflix offers the best streaming service available. Amazon doesn't have as good of a selection and you cannot watch them on your tv like you can with netflix. And hulu plus charges you for streaming and still has commercials.

Get back to us when Netflix is no longer the best choice for cheap tv and movie streaming. Because right now, it's the best thing out there and still the cheapest!!!

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