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We've been Netflix subscribers since the very beginning.Scratched disks, and poor results from customer service are no longer the norm.

However what seems to becoming a disturbing trend is modified aspect ratios to full screen vs the orignial format. Many older movies are now Pan N' Scan and not widescreen. It would be fine if there was an option to watch a butchered movie. I complain, and they send out the next movie in my cue ahead of time.

Nice, but does not solve the growing problem.Kinda like HBO/Showtime vs HD versions where the non HD is in Fullscreen, and HD is in widescreen.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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The movies aren't made by Netflix.Netflix just supplies you with the movies.

If you want to complain you need to complain to the movie companies who distribute and make the movies.For people without common sense like you they're the ones who decide how the movies are distributed on DVD or Blue ray.

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