Falsely Advertises "Unlimited" DVD by Mail. Per current terms, they can (in my case do) delay shipments by delayed processing or sending from a more distant distribution center in an attempt to limit how many dvd's you receive in a week/month. In my case, I pay for 4 dvds at a time. Once I've received 3 in a given week, the dvds are consistently taking an extra day to get them mailed to me.

When I called Customer Service, the person I spoke to didn't even know about what was written in their current terms and conditions. A supervisor eventually spoke to me and indicated that they delay the shipments on the new releases. Well, I tested that and lined up several older releases in my que. They still delayed them.

They need to be honest. If you subscribe to 4-at-a-time and they want that to mean no more than 4 per week, then DON'T ADVERTISE IT AS UNLIMITED!!!!!!

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It definitely depends on your area. I am in a highly populated, major metropolitan area and get 8 DVDs at a time without a hitch, and super fast too. Sorry you're experiencing delays in your area, but it is not NF.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #709802

I have noticed delays in the past few months. This is due to your friendly and efficient USPS, not Netflix.

I have been with them for years and the delays can be traced solely to the post office, I can assure you. Netflix has no need to "throttle" you.

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