Dear reed,well....it seems the real intent of the extreme price hike is now evident, that being, split into two separate company's in order in order to right off losses more effectively (seems to be the trend of many large successful company's these days). however he wants to spin it bottom line is the consumer looses again. if your going to double the cost of my subscription shouldn't i be able to expect that either service provide the same movies? especially since mr. hastings feels this will better serve his customers that would rather have just mail order? my only option at this point is to cancel my subscription unless his streaming service in the very near future starts to offer all the same releases as the mail order side of the new business.i hope this finds its way to someone who realizes that loosing customers in this bleak economy trying to boost his bottom line might not be the smartest move he could have made.

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Oh btw did they mention all the stars programming 70% of streaming is going bye bye also.


I completely agree..They hiked the prices up so much I had to downgrade.

now I can only get 2 dvds a month, and only stream 2 hours. The *** they have on streaming is exactly that...***.

Everything I searched for was "unavailable" for only viewable for dvd access.

Pretty sure I'll be cancelling soon....


The apology email is the first I heard of this rate hike/ split.because of this surprise double charge on my account I almost bounced my rent check.

Consider me another unhappy excustomer. Most of the people I know already have or are canceling their accounts as well.

Terrible business practices.Thankfully there are 100s of other more reputable places I can stream movies from.

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