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One of the main reasons i use Netflix is because of how awesome they are. They have everything.

Well it seemed that way.

As of september 1st they removed sesame street.

One of the most educational, and beneficial shows for children in my opinion. My 7 month old adores big bird and Elmo.

I can understand Netflix removing bad content but sesame street?! Come on! Anything PBS related should be available.

Not to mention there are hardly ANY Disney movies.

Not even cinderella. The kids section in Netflix is definitely lacking

I'm tired of watching these out of date movies.

They need to keep up with consumer demand and improve the kids section.

I've been very loyal to this company and the fact that they just remove stuff makes me very upset.

I will be moving my services to Hulu if nothing changes.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Sesame Street is now on HBO... lame.


I'm also big on Netflix my two year old loves sesame Street and was shocked it was removed as well. Netflix please bring sesame Street back. I agree system is lacking in kids department my daughter looks forward to this show every morning this TV show is very popular in fact my daughter was running out of sesame Street shows she's seen all a million times and can recite the alphabet count to twenty knows her colors has brought out my daughters imagination all with the help of elmo......I am a pissed off mommy because my family and pay every month and us stay at home first time mommy's need elmo'so world!!!!!!


Speaking from all pissed off mommy's who need help!!!!!



Bring Back Sesame Street!!!!


I too am angry they removed sesame street. My daughter keeps crying and asking for Elmo!

They only had 38 episodes when they had it too. They should bring it back with more episodes!


I'm another parent that is very upset with the fact Netflix removed sesame st. I've now reverted to setting it up on sprout on demand for my daughter..they also have some full episodes in youtube for all the moms that have kids that are going through withdrawals..lol

I was going to leave a comment for the negative post but..you guys aren't worth the time.


Maybe if people could calm the *** down about Netflix they'd have stumbled upon this.



I hate your kids.


This is not really Netflix fault! Netflix does not own the content, the content owners own it.

Netflix makes a deal and pays so much to lease it for a period of time. Many times after getting it, and getting ready to expire, the Content owner then wants a whole lot more money for it to extend that lease and it's just not worth it.

There are thousands of Movies put up and later taken down. replaced with other content. I wish that wasn't the case and Netflix just had everything, but they don't.

While Sesame Street may be gone for now, other new content goes up. So I would assume some other Kids programs got put up. Netflix has a HUGE kids section. It's pretty much all the TV my brothers kids see is the Kids section from Netflix.

New Content, the prices for such are a whole lot more. Do you want newer content but have a $29.95 a month payment or more? What do you want for $7.99?

If you haven't seen it, it's NEW even though it might be something old. Kids don't care and will watch the same thing 50 times.

By the way, going HULU is not much of a threat!!! You know what you get with HULU? A whole bunch of commercials. I did the 30 free days a couple times, the last, I just couldn't take it.

You think commercials are bad on Normal TV, well there's no channel skipping, you have to sit right through it. The program I was watching had so many commercials, and not only could you not skip past them, but it was the SAME ONE over and over and over again. The Same 2 Broke Girls commercial 4 times in a row in a single commercial break!!! That's the garbage you get with HULU.

Amazon Prime, I have also.

At least you don't get commercials and they have Kid content, but it's not anything like Netflix. I did just Check, You can watch Sesame Street for FREE with a Prime Membership. There looks to be a whole lot!!! So it looks like the content left Netflix and went over to Amazon Prime!!!

I have both of them because sometimes it's on one and sometimes it's on the other.

They both have different content and it does change. A ROKU box for example will allow you to watch Amazon Prime content on your HDTV!!!



These irate parents are just being brats. They don't get how it works and it has been explained before but they don't want to listen to reason.

Let them discover all the effn annoying commercials on Hulu. People biittcchh and whine about Netflix so much, but it is a huge bargain with tons of stuff to watch.


True story. No one is ever satisfied 100%.

Either it's not the show they want, or not the right episode, or not the right season...but no one bothers to understand that their measly $7.99 gets them access to millions of dollars worth of movies and shows. Sure it's frustrating when something you like gets removed, but guess what...it wasn't the only thing on Netflix! lol.

JBDragon is right...no kid really cares about watching repetitive things, Netflix has a HUGE kid section. Have fun with HULU...I hope your kid also loves repetitive commercials.


Im extremely upset that they have removed sesame street. How do you take the only real thing children have to watch thats actually good for them to watch but leave the garbage. This is sad and very disappointing.


The 'only real thing children have to watch that's actually good for them'. Here is just a snippet of what else that is good for the kids to watch, Curious George, Strawberry Shortcake, Color Crew, Thomas, Barney, Kitten Party, Disney movies, Barbie movies, Super WHY, science and nature, PBS, National Geographic, Discover, educational programming, Leap Frog, inspirational coming of age sports movies and so much more. Pick something for your children to watch or there actually IS LIFE BEYOND THE TELEVISION


Pitty you didn't watch along with your child to learn proper grammar.


Who are you the word police? Shut up and quit being a troll.


Make me, boss.


"Pitty you didn't watch... " Actually, the proper spelling is Pity.

Those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.


we miss sesame street so so much! my one and a half year old loved it so much!

it was our morning routine!

this is terrible. :(


The content on Netflix cycles. Nothing stays there forever.

They get it for set period of time and then it goes away. What is Netflix to do? They don't own the content.

it's part of the reason why they started creating their own content.

While Netflix no longer has it, It looks like Amazon has it. If you have a Amazon Prime account, you can watch a bunch of Sesame Street for FREE.


There's still Daniel Tiger.


Netflix can only stream so many different shows and movies at once, this is why they tend to cycle through them. Sesame street is gone for the time being because there isn't a large demand for the moment.

That's why when you search it a message saying something like " ______ is currently unavailable to stream"

It will happen and it will happen often. Their servers just can't make it possible to have every show or movie available 24/7.