I have been a Netflix member for over 10 years.In the previous 9 1/2 years I have recieved excellent service and recommended several customers to their service.

(about 20 or 30 have joined Nertflix) No More! In the last 2-3 months they have put all the new release movies on very long wait status even though I had the release at the top of my *** when released. I have been complaining to them during the past week. Today I talked to a supervisor who accused me of trying to get a free DVD because I pointed out to her that their policy used to be when they messed up they would send an extra movie to make up for their mistake.

I wasn't asking for anything, just pointing it out. Rude, very rude! She ended up hanging up on me saying I wasn't listening to her when the fact is she wasn't listening to me. Netflix is obviously experiencing financial difficulties and is trying different procedures to save money.

Why don't they just tell the truth instead of making up lies?

(I owned Netflix stock for several years because of their excellent customer service.I would not recommend the stock or the service to anyone at this point!)

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I too have not experienced a long wait for DVD's. Even if I can not get them right away I will get them in a couple of weeks which is not a problem. I keep enough movies on my list so i just watch the ones they send me.


It's a shame you are having issues, sometimes I wonder if the dvd waits vary depending on where you live.I have never had any of the DVD OR streaming issues that some people report.

Still love Netflix!

"Netflix is obviously experiencing financial difficulties" Um, that's just not true.

Netflix has just released its second quarter 2012 earnings report, in which the video rental veteran outpaced estimates, improving on last quarter and meeting most expectations and even beating some.Revenue increased to $889 million compared to the same period for 2011.

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