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Been a customer for a few months now and I have to say I am underwhelmed. When I got the service I assumed (my own *** fault) that they would have at least some new movies to stream. The only new stuff they put out is for their separate dvd mailing service.

The selection is truly pathetic. Old boring tv shows and b movies that nobody ever heard of. Some might think 7.99 a month is no big deal but you could just flush that money and it's pretty much the same thing. They rarely put up "new" stuff and when I say new I don't mean new movies I mean anything. They should be putting up at least a portion of what they have available through dvd for streaming but they don't

Netflix is comparable to Amazon prime, same old bs tv shows and lame movies. I would suggest people cancel netflix until they get into the 21st century and realize that physical media such as dvd's are a thing of the past. Put up new movies netflix or you are going under.

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Yes. There is no reason to only carry good and/or new titles on the "DVD" section.

All of there titles should be available in the watch instantly streaming selection. I pay just as much for my streaming account as I would for a DVD account. 7.99 either way. To be honest the delivery of streaming movies is cheaper than the delivery of movies on DVD.

It would be in everyone's interest to add the movies only available on DVD to the watch instantly streaming list. This issue will eventually run nexflix out of business if they don't make the changes above.


I'm finding the same issue! They never update anything! If they do happen to update a movie, it's junk!


Not only do they not have the newer movies, they don' have any of the older ones. Try any of the star trek, star wars,lethal weapon, batman, rings....they have none.

Classics, hAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA . Sound of music? no. Mary Poppins?

no. Gone with the Wind? no. Stage Door Canteen?

no. 12 o clock high?


Nothing anyone wants to see is there. :cry

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