After purchasing an LG Blueray DVD player with WIFI, the first two movies played without a hitch.Now any movie will stop with the LOADING...

message. I can't use their streaming feature if this is what happens. I will contact Netflix and see what they can do to fix this problem. Given what I've read here, there may be no fix.

What other company streams movies? How can anyone accept this streaming problem?

You cannot enjoy watching a movie when it is interupted every 10 minutes (or less).I have to believe it is a Netflix problem and not related to my equipment because the first 2 movies played without any problem what so ever.

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I have not had much success with wifi on anything so I wired everything and I do not have the problem anymore. Try that and see if it helps.


Maybe your internet just sucks, and for some reason it was going fast on the first 2 movies.


Had this problem as well

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